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Theatre classes provide new perspective

Art by Abby Brown

Story by Kennedy Page, Jasmine Hodapp, and Chloe Davidson

When walking into a theatre class one might be overwhelmed by the energy of the students. The atmosphere is certainly a unique one. Though a class like theatre is not as rigidly structured as a typical one, there is still a need for effort and creativity. 

Typically we see theatre through a completely different lens. When the subject is mentioned, generally one thinks of dramatic performances on stage, but a lot more goes on in the class than what people perceive. 

It’s a more creative class than most because we do our own blockings for scenes and there isn’t one specific way we have to do everything,” said sophomore Samantha Temple. She like many other students find that to be a key draw to the class among other things.

 It is not all fun and games, but involves a lot of hard work. “The atmosphere of the class is different as it requires discipline and work ethic to keep things working,” said theatre teacher Robbie Steiner. Performance, like anything else, is improved with practice. 

The students are involved in all aspects of theatre, and many students report enjoying giving their all. Besides just acting, the students do public relations, help with sets, learn about famous playwrights, and even write scripts of their own. Everyone is given an opportunity to explore what they want to learn. 

The class structure changes with new events and sections of the curriculum. This allows for students to be able explore roles in a unique and prepared way. “I really love getting to explore a whole new person while still being myself,” said junior Charlotte Brown. 

The impact on teachers and the FC community of students has been very positive. It, to many, has fostered a sense of purpose and love for giving back. “I love the feeling I get when I’m on stage. It’s this feeling where you know all the hard work you have put in is being put into the world,” said junior Trevin Chandler.

Some students even report that theatre has impacted their life outside of the class. Some may use their new skill set to explore more theatre extracurriculars, and some may use their newfound love for theatre even later on in life for serious career choices. I’d like to teach theatre as a career,” said Brown.

“I’m a little more confident in my acting and in the actual world,” said Temple. Many others like her find the class is open to all students. It works to provide an intimate and emotionally vulnerable time for all those that pursue it. 

But more than that, theatre is a community. “The friends you make though the program and the experiences and memories you make are amazing,” said Chandler. 

That’s why this class, to many students and teachers, is unlike any other. Why so many people are drawn to it and why there’s such strong feelings towards it. Many that are a part of the program feel that theatre creates genuine connection within a unique experience, and people will never stop loving it. “The class is a good way to get away from reality and clear your mind. Give it a try. Don’t judge it too fast,” said senior Jason Corrado.


Constitutional government class competes

by Darian Eswine

Two constitutional government classes from FC competed against each other today at We the People District Competition to see which class would move on to State. The competition took place at Evansville Reitz.Senior Rebecca Coryell said she was excited and had high hopes to win.”Of course I’m excited. We’ve been preparing for this all year and now it’s time to prove what we really know,” said senior Jesse Hamilton.The classes are divided into units. They then must write speeches and become experts on their topics. Preparations for the competition began two months ago as the students began drafting their papers.

“We practiced our speeches with our groups and went over questions that have been asked before,” said Coryell.

As groups competed throughout the day, there was a mixture of feelings.

“When the judges walked in, I realized it was real. As a group I think we did pretty good,” said senior Chelsey Shackelford.

Both classes felt the competition was a good opportunity to branch out with thought and speech and to immerse themselves in knowledge of the government.

“It’s an interesting blend of constitution and competitiveness,” said Hamilton.

Senior Paige Settles said it makes students think a lot more about why citizens are so lucky to live in America. She also said it sheds light to how complex the government is.

Some of the questions asked included:
Do you believe suspected terrorists should be given the same rights and due process as other citizens?
Can you give examples of energetic presidents?
Why do we get to maintain our privacy against the government?
What freedoms do you think are in need of protection right now?

Period four won the competition with period five at a close second. Social studies teacher Suzie Moss said she is extremely proud of both teams.

“These are the best two teams I have ever taken to district. It’s sad that one team had to win and both couldn’t move on.”

Period four will compete at State Competition in Indianapolis on Dec. 19.