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Students’ embarrassing stories follow them into high school.

By Blake Dykes and Rebekah Landers

Photo by Grace Runkel. Editing by Tony Briscoe.

At one point or another, most everyone endures an embarrassing moment.

According to the Free Dictionary Online embarrassed is defined as to cause to feel self-conscious or ill at ease, disconcert.

Some people handle these situations differently than others.

While a few laugh and shake it off, others get more upset and stress over it for the rest of the day.

Freshman Collin Reschar is an example of one of the more embarrassing ones.

“My girlfriend supposedly sent a text breaking up with me, and I didn’t get the text. The next day at school I was hugging her, and she gave me an awkward look, so I asked what was wrong, then her friend told me what happened. If her friend wouldn’t have told me, then I probably wouldn’t have known all day,” said Reschar.

After these situations happen, people tend to try and prevent them from happening again. Reschar said he now stays single.

On the summer before sophomore Leah Holsclaw’s freshman year she and one of her friends went to Gulf Shores, Alabama on a week vacation.

“We would go to the beach and just play in the water and stuff. But one time we were jumping over the waves, and we weren’t paying attention and this huge wave hit us on the back and we literally did three flips under the water because it was so strong. And when I stood up, I was facing the beach, and these people were looking at me so weird. My top had come down and all the poor people on the beach could see my…chest. It was horrible,” said Holsclaw.

Another type of embarrassing moments is the preventable ones.

Freshman Chris Collier suggests not sticking your fingers in 3D geometry shapes at school.

“In the first grade, I got two of my fingers caught in the 3D geometry shapes. I went to the nurse’s office and they tried to use butter to get them out. They wouldn’t come out. My mom had to pick me up and take me to the hospital to have the shapes cut off,” said Collier.

When an embarrassing moment happens, the reaction of others is what makes it that much worse, or lessens the embarrassment.

Freshman Austen Jones experienced something more painful, meanwhile his friends were laughing.

During eighth grade basketball practice, Jones was guarding a teammate, and was elbowed in the mouth. This made him fall and knock his tooth out, into his teammate’s elbow.

Jones had this problem resolved by getting a fake tooth. He prevents this from happening again by wearing a mouth guard.

There are many types of different embarrassing moments. Whether it’s humiliating, preventable, or painful, each one sticks with you forever.