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Chess team prepares for future tournament

By Michael Pepin

Every Monday and Tuesday after school, the members of the chess team hone their skills with the other members of the chess team week after week.

“We come every week so that we can play chess and practice for the tournament at the end of the season.  I like chess because it is a game that is not dependent on luck or chance; everything that happens is entirely on you, so success is greater because you know it wasn’t all hinged on the roll of a die or a card,” said senior Brian Young.

Young has been a member of the chess team ever since his freshman year, and has worked his way over the years to his place as first board of the chess team.

The scholastic tournament is the driving force for many of the members of the chess team, as it is an opportunity to put to use all the strategies and skills they have acquired over the past year with the chess team.

“We hope to win the tournament at the end of the year, where we play against a bunch of other students.  It is one of our top goals to win the tournament,” said junior Sam Glesing, who has been a member of the team for three years.

The chess tournament is between 20 different chess teams, as they battle for the title.

“It consists of five rounds and is held on two afternoons.  Each player has to play the clock and is given one hour for each game.  It is held in Atherton High School,” said German teacher and chess team sponsor Noel McRae.

Many members look up to past club members such as FC alumnus Chris Harbeson, who is considered one of the best players to compete on the chess team.

“I want to become a better tactician in chess through the chess team.  The team this year lacks the skill that one of its senior members, Chris, possessed, but there is a lot of potential with many members and we are almost on his skill level,” said Glesing.

Though the current chess team is competent, McRae said they will need hard work to attain their first place goal.

“The current team is in a good position to place second in their division. While the team is pretty good this year, players need to study the game to become outstanding, and I have a few players now who are willing to invest the time and effort needed to truly advance their game.  Players always get to a point where merely playing will cease to improve their game.  They’ll need to study the games of professional players, to get insight on truly effective strategy,” said McRae.