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2012-2013 student council election results

By Chase Gosman

Last week students voted for officer positions on the student council during lunch. These are the results.

Freshman Student Council

Tristan Barnes

Bailey Creighton

Samantha Cristiani

Tyler Crowl

Regan Hadley

Lydia Kotowski

Connor Lopp

Sydney Munez

Emma Payne

Delaney Smith

Brittany Wright

Sophomore Student Council

Sam Cleveland

Ben Kinciad

Chad Lawrence

Tyler Mene

Rachel Nguyen

Erin Patterson

Meg Taylor

Luke Uhl

Sophomore Executive Members

Sam Cleveland

Asa Dempster

Ben Kinciad

Reagan Kurk (Vice- President)

Maryn Meldrum

Erin Patterson

Lilly Payne

Olivia Snyder

Meg Taylor

Luke Uhl (President)

Junior Student Council

Varun Alse

Joshua Becht

Robbie Byrnes

Tanner Cook

Seth Jenkins

Ryan Plunkett

Alex Queen

Allen Truong

Junior Executive Members

Varun Alse

Joshua Becht

Lucy Brown (Secretary)

Robbie Byrnes

Tanner Cook

Harrison Davis

Mariah Ferber

Dana Frank

Scarlett Hartlage

Eliza Hudson

Brad Hunt (Treasurer)

Seth Jenkins (Vice- President)

Ryan Plunkett (President)

Alex Queen

Merideth Sant

Allen Truong

Noah Wright

Senior Student Council

Genni Anders

Olivia Boesing

Lucas Corley

Conner Curry

Adaline Heitz

Drew Hussing

Hannah Merk

Alyssa Moore

Cody Sunderhaus

Senior Executive

Olivia Boesing

Lucas Corley

Conner Curry

Drew Hussing

Bryson Koch

John Meldrum (President)

Rachel Naville (Treasurer)

Cody Sunderhaus

Tonya Truong (Secretary)

Weekly Playlist: Numbers Songs

By Eli Bolus, Chase Gosman and Paige Thompson

This week A&E is helping you count down the last few weeks of school by teaching you how to count. Here are our favorite numbers songs.

1. “99 Red Balloons” by Nena

2. “867-5309/Jenny” by Tommy Tutone

3. “1,2,3,4” by Feist

4. “1901” by Phoenix

5. “99 Problems” by Jay- Z

6. “5 Years Time” by Noah and the Whale

7. “14 Years” by Guns and Roses

8. “2112” by Rush

9. “Eight Days a Week” by The Beatles

10. “I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)” by Pitbull


What is your favorite part of Thunder Over Louisville?

By Eli Bolus, Chase Gosman, and Jill Moore

Weekly Playlist: American Pride

By Chase Gosman, Claire DeFrancisci

This week A&E isn’t taking this amazing country for granted by honoring it with the best patriotic songs.

1. “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue” by Toby Keith

2. “If You’re Reading This’ by Tim McGraw

3. “Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)” by Alan Jackson

4. “Some Gave All” by Billy Ray Cyrus

5. “Born in the U.S.A.” by Bruce Springsteen

6. “God Bless the U.S.A.” by Lee Greenwood

7. “Coming to America” by Neil Diamond

8. “Star Spangled Banner” by Francis Scott Key

9. “American Pie” by Don McLean

Retiring teacher earns prestigious award

By Chase Gosman

Education is more than just learning information. School is the place we meet our best friends in life. A best friend doesn’t have to be a peer; they can be a teacher as well. A good teacher educates a student on a subject, but a great teacher makes the student  love the subject, and The Sondheim Inspirational Teachers Award honors great educators who do just that.

The award is in honor of one of America’s greatest musical theater composers, Stephen Sondheim. Marking Sondheim’s 80th birthday, The Kennedy Center recognizes teachers who inspire new generations of artists.

Theater director Chris Bundy received the award late last month along with nine other honorees across the country. Bundy, who has been teaching at FC for 15 years, was nominated by former student Michael Chandler. Chandler graduated in 2005 and was part of the theater program.  Chandler is one of the many students greatly impacted by Bundy.

“It is very touching that Michael Chandler nominated him because he [Bundy] made such a big impact on his life,” said principal Janie Whaley.

“It makes me stop and think what teachers made an impact on me,” said Whaley.

For Bundy, the teacher that sparked his love of the arts started in junior high school with his English teacher Mrs. Nale. He was interested in literature while studying Great Expectations in her class.

“She made the story come alive, not just something to be read.  When I got to high school, I became interested in theatre and went from a solid ‘C’ student to an A & B student because I finally found something that totally turned me on to school and education and actually wanting to learn,” said Bundy.

Bundy said the most rewarding part about being a teacher is seeing his kids mature into adults.

“ I often see shy and unconfident ‘kids’ find their voice, whether that is through acting or the technical aspects of theatre and the arts, become outgoing, confident young adults who will make a difference in this world,” he said.

It is this interest in his kids that shows that while he may be leaving the FC staff, he will not fade away.

“It really doesn’t matter how old they become….they will always be ‘my kids’ and that’s a pretty great thing,” said Bundy. The award includes a check of $10,000.

“That money has been put away in what I’ll call my ‘travel fund’ to go out all over the country to enjoy seeing my ‘kids’ in their productions from college to Broadway.  Because, like I said, once you’re my kid, you’re my kid for life.”