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Students, staff foresee cold winter in the future

By Will Huston

It is only the start of November, and already students have been seen wearing heavy coats and jeans. The weather in the early mornings, around the time that most students find themselves waiting for the bus, has dipped down in the 30s and 40s in the past couple of weeks. Teachers too, are noticing the cold, such as meteorology teacher C.J. Jackson.

“[It’s] definitely colder than last year.”

Many students agree that the winter is going to be a cold, snowy one, though some such as freshman Ryan Parker are skeptical.

“I don’t think it’s going to be a snowy winter,” said Parker, saying such due to the lack of snowy winters in the past few years.

Some students, like sophomore Matthew Jewell wonder how long the season is going to be, saying that the winter is going to be a little longer.

Of course, a cold winter may result in snow days, and members of staff don’t really like the idea.

“I’d like for it to play out to where we had no snow days,” said assistant principal Joe Voelker.

Even some students aren’t so willing for snow days, considering the finite amount of summer break students are getting, such as senior Peyton Winchell.

“I don’t want any snow days; I want to finish [school] early.”

Voelker also talked about how students should prepare for bad weather, recommending that all  students have a jacket to wear at the bus stop.

While some are wondering exactly how bad this winter is going to be, Jackson is confident in his belief of how the seasons’ going to play out.

“ [The winter] won’t be as warm as last year, but it won’t be as cold as our worst year.”