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FC alumni football game sparks memories

By Hannah Clere, News Editor and

Aurora Robinson, News Assistant Editor

FC alumni Lee Schmidt stands behind the sizzling grill as excited students and alumni fill in the stands, preparing for a good game.

Last Friday night, the FC vs Seymour game was held, honoring FC’s 50th year. They had a tent set up in the courtyard and were selling burgers inside it.

“We do this event to raise money for scholarships to give to seniors,” said alumni Angela Bowman. “This is one of our main fundraisers.”

Not only were a tent and grill set up, but alumni coaches and athletic directors were recognized out on the field, along with previous principals.

“We had the eight original coaches, and our tent was sponsored. That was pretty awesome, we’re thankful for that. It’s a very successful night,” said Schmidt.

Some alumni expressed their favorite part of the night at the football game.

“Seeing everyone again,” said alumnus Delbert Hillegas. “Having some old students out there, I enjoy seeing them. Even though I am retired, I still missed that.”

This event is one of many throughout the year. One major event is the Alumni Hall of Fame Banquet, scheduled for April 28. The association, founded in 2009, sought to reach out to past Highlanders and get current ones more involved. They hoped to start an organization of some sort while they still had alumni from the original 1967 class still willing to participate.

“We wanted to get this thing rolling before some alumni reached 70,” said Bickers.

The members of the alumni association also wanted to make sure that stories from 50 years ago were not lost and forgotten, including memories about when FC opened its doors on the first day of school 50 years ago.


Head coach Brian Glesing shouts encouraging words to his team after a successful win against Seymour. He always does a great job at keeping the team’s spirits high. Photo by Tori Roberts.

Football season starts early for eager athletes

By Michael Pepin

Football season is months away, and yet the members of the football team are already training for the far off games with early conditioning.  Conditioning started around Thanksgiving for most of the team, who use their PE elective, Advanced Personal Conditioning (APC), in order to train during school hours.  For the rest of the team who have no room in their schedule, they come to football coach Brian Glesing Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays after school to avoid falling behind the rest of the team.  For many, such as junior Nick Uhl, conditioning begins when football season ends.

“The sooner you start getting better, the greater results. “If you take a long break, then you get out of shape and it takes a lot of effort to get back in shape and you lose a lot possible improvement,” said Uhl. “The training never really ends in Football.”

Staying in shape is the main goal of conditioning, so that players can be at optimal performance by the time the football season rolls around.

“Our goal is to keep playing as long as we can next season and win more games.  We were 2-8 this year which wasn’t good.  Football is so competitive that it is year round.  The team needs to be constantly building in order to succeed,” said Glesing.

The majority of the team takes APC  rather than coming after school to train.  In this class, they follow a rigid schedule of exercises designed to heighten their performance.  They begin stretches and form running exercises, and then move onto speed improvement activites and on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, move to the weight room to lift.  They follow a specific program of sets and reps in certain exercises, but they always do the bench press and the squat.

“APC is a way to get faster and stronger while at the same time staying in shape for Football so we can do well.  It also brings the team together because everyone does it,” said junior Even Rue.

No one is technically required to attend or participate in the football conditioning, but it is highly recommended.

“It’s easy to tell if you aren’t doing conditioning because you get passed up by all the players who do.  It hurts the whole team when one person decides not to train or put forth the amount of effort he is capable of.  Also you have to run laps to make up for the work you missed when season begins,” said junior Brandon Stout.

There are no individualized workouts for players in conditioning, everyone goes through the same hardships, but this is why Rue claims that it brings the team together.

“Sometimes you never really want to be there, but you know its for the best and you go anyway.  I am for conditioning because it makes the whole team better,” said Stout, who agrees with Evan Rue that it brings the team together.

The football players will have an assessment of their progress in March this year and hope to beat their previous scores.  With the new season slowly approaching, every member on the football team is determined to make this season their best yet.

“I think it’s a great program…you are constantly working towards improvements and have the ability to track progress on a regular basis.  It also benefits the players themselves…it really begins to pay off when next season begins,” said Glesing.

FC beats Jennings County 35-28

Photos by Grace Runkel and Jill Moore

Glesing discusses upcoming season

By Ty Elliot

Coach Brian Glesing

Bagpiper: What will you do at the quarterback position with Garrett Shanks back as a senior and Bryce Smith getting some experience as a sophomore last season?

Brian Glesing: “We have a QB battle with Garrett and Bryce.  Both have been great.  Both of them will play in the scrimmage.  Also, Garrett is starting at linebacker so that will play into the decision.”

BP: What does the depth chart look like after Kyle Bramble?

BG: “Terrence Kennedy, who is a junior, is a good backup.  Also, we have Jason Van Buren, who did a good job last year filling in for Kyle.”

BP: What do you all need to do better so you all can be where you want to be at the end of the season?

BG: “We need to get better defensively.  We gave up way too many yards last year.”

BP: Out of your returning players, who do you think will step up this year?
BG: “We have a lot guys who will step up.  We expect big plays out of Austin Wirth and Joey Quinkert.”

BP: What group or position has improved the most so far?

BG: The linebackers have really improved.  They have been reading their key better.”

BP: What does this senior class bring to your team?

BG: “It’s a great senior class, over 20 seniors.  They have great leadership and a lot of experience.”