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Baseball team defeats New Albany 12-4

By Delaney Smith and Sydney Sears

As junior Brandon Smith takes the mound, the pressure is on. He is focused and ready to take on FC’s biggest rival, New Albany.

“Because of the school’s rivalry with New Albany, it’s not a hard game to get ready for,” said coach Casey LaDuke.

In the first inning NA was up by two runs, but that did not get the team down.

“We played well. It was nice to see us fight back after being down 2-0 in the 1st inning,” said LaDuke.

Nerves were spreading to the stands as the game was approaching the sixth inning. The scores were close with only a one run lead over NA.

“In the middle of the game I was very nervous because of the scores being so close, but as the game progressed FC started scoring runs and I became more relaxed,” said junior Cat Northam.

The sixth inning is really when FC seemed to come alive. The team scored seven runs and  FC’s crowd was on their feet cheering.

“It was nice to see us separate from them, in a close game, by having a 7 run 6th inning,” said LaDuke.

With a 12-4 win for FC the team was ecstatic.

“I was so pumped at the end of the game,” said Smith.

As the student section started filing out of the stands there was a great sense of pride and excitement in the air.

“As always, I left the game a proud highlander,” said Northam


Boys basketball players preview upcoming season with their new coach

By Sydney Sears and Delaney Smith

As the boys basketball players trudge out of another practice their sore muscles let them know they have given the day their all.

With a new coach and fresh faces, FC awaits the upcoming season.  The players have a new mindset and are more determined than ever to have a successful season. The boys are adjusting to a new schedule, workout program, and coach in this upcoming season.

“I like what Coach Lieberman has come in and started doing. It’s really affected the team by all of us being in much better shape than we were before, and it’s helping us improve as athletes,” said senior Zane Nichols.

Coach Mark Lieberman has instilled a novice practice and workout schedule for the players. They practice every day of the week except Sunday. Lieberman said that the new workouts have resulted in improved strength throughout the entire team.

“He has us on a conditioning program that we can almost be positive no one else is doing,” said junior Brandon Smith.

Lieberman expressed his ideas on improvement and working hard. He said that he believes that they can outwork any team they will play this season. Lieberman shared that the team will work hard, compete, and find ways to outwork their opponents this season.

“I’m always looking for gradual improvement,” he said.

With all this hard work, team members are excited to see what will happen on the court.

“I’m just excited for the upcoming season to start. I want to know where all of this hard work that we’ve been putting in is going to get us,” said Nichols.

Though Lieberman cannot predict an outcome for the season, he promised hard work and dedication.

“We will play hard. I do know that,” he said.

The varsity team’s first official game of the season is at home against New Albany at 7:30 on Friday, Dec. 13.

Students share New Year’s goals

By Blake Dykes

With every new year come new resolutions. Every resolution is made with the intent on staying loyal to it and really making a change. However, it is usually a lot harder to make these changes because they have become a habit or part of our everyday lives.

Some students decided to become a healthier person by changing their eating and drinking habits.

“I am giving up soft drinks for a year because they make me feel bad and they are bad for me, especially because I used to drink them all the time,” said junior Taylor Batliner.

Batliner plans to pursue this goal by having her parents stop buying them, drinking water, and avoiding them.

Along with Batliner, sophomore Brandon Smith plans to improve his diet by eating healthier.

“I have decided I’m going to start making smarter food choices, to make me a healthier adult in the future.”

This resolution differs for Smith because purely because this is the first one he is actually made.

For others, health is still the main aspect in their resolution, only a different branch of it, social health.

Sophomore Logan Minzenberger plans to make friends and meet more people.

“I plan to be more outgoing and go out and introduce myself, this way I can experience different people’s lifestyle.”

Another common theme this year, falls into the category of organization.

“I plan to start being on time places. I am always late everywhere I go, even to school,” said sophomore Collin Reschar.

Reschar decided to make this change because he gets in trouble a lot by always being late.

“I am going to start checking up on the time more and leaving earlier.”

Others have a habit they decided they need to break.

“This year I really need to stop hoarding trash. Mostly like empty bottles or trash from food,” said freshman Lindsay Sparrow.

However, this is not the first time Sparrow has attempted to make this change.

“I have had this resolution for several repeating years, I just can’t stop myself. But this year I am saying no with an iron fist. When I am done using something I am going to fight the urge to keep it and just throw it away. I know that it is becoming a problem because my room is actually starting to smell from all of the collective amount of garbage.”

English teacher Jessica Broady shared her thoughts on new year’s resolutions.

“New year’s is a good time to make resolutions because it’s good to stop and see what path we’re on and if we want to continue on that path.”