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Girls’ soccer loses sectionals against New Albany

By Anna Boone

The girls’ soccer team lost a heart-wrenching match against New Albany during sectionals last night. After taking an early 2-0 lead, the Bulldogs came back and tied it

Senior Kady O’Farrell fakes out a New Albany player during last night’s sectional game. Photo by Jenni Fifer.

2-2. The game went into overtime where neither school scored. It came down to penalty kicks to decide the match.

“We played hard and we deserved it. I didn’t want it to go to penalty kicks, but that’s what happened,” said junior Lauren Wyatt.

The stadium was quiet when the kickers lined up at the penalty line. FC shot first. Both teams made the first four shots, with neither FC’s or NA’s goalies blocking any shots. On the final kick, FC’s shot was blocked by the NA keeper, making the penalty kick score 4-4 with NA yet to take their fifth shot. NA senior Tanner Marcum scored the last penalty kick.

“During the PKs (penalty kicks) I was standing on the sideline with my team watching our five shooters out there,” said senior and varsity captain Christine Clark. “I hate PKs because they are so nerve-wracking, but I stood and believed that all five of those girls would make it. Jess [junior Jessica

Senior George Emily, junior Corey Troutman, and senior Adam Hudson commiserate the loss after the last penalty kick. Photo by Jenni Fifer.

Coryell] was so close to stopping two and I was proud of how she stood in the goal. The thing that killed me most was when the fifth PK went right to their goalie’s hand. At that moment our team came closer and hoped the next [NA kicker] would miss, but it was their best player and she capitalized. That was the hardest moment of my life. At the end of the day it wasn’t anyone’s fault. It’s a tough moment to undertake but at least we have teammates behind us.”

“I wish we could have gone further because I didn’t want it to be the seniors’ last game and I think we could have made it to regionals. I love my team,” said Wyatt.

Clark echoed Wyatt’s sentiments.

“The past four seasons as a Highlander were the best four of my life. I made great friendships, and had amazing seasons. I’m so blessed and proud of every player I’ve played with here, and every team I’ve played on.”

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ROTC Replicas

By Anna Boone

Identical does not always mean the same. Just ask sophomore twins Katie and Kylie Davis

“We’re totally different,” said Katie.

Katie and Kylie both participate in ROTC, although they are in different platoons. Katie is on the drill team.

“Drill team is the platoon made up of 14 different people including your commander who has to memorize between 50-60 commands and you go to different drill meets and see – “

” – Who can perform the best,” chimed in Kylie.

While Kylie is not on the drill team, she is an assistant squad leader and is also a Public Affairs Petty Officer. This position means that she gets to go to all the public appearances of her platoon and take pictures and videos to help update the website.

Despite their different interests in ROTC, both Katie and Kylie said they have trouble being seen as individuals rather than part of a set.

“It’s frustrating because they think that since you look the same you should act the same,” said Kylie.

No matter how different their personalities are, however, physically Katie and Kylie are nearly the same in every way.

“Everyone gets us confused. Our two best guy friends still get us confused,” said Kylie.

Although having an identical twin can be hard – such as sharing everything – both agree that it can be a good thing.

“[The best thing about having a twin is] having the extra best friend,” said Kylie.