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Freshmen transition to high school life

By Anna Berry, Eli Bolus, and Blake Dykes
For most freshmen, the transition from middle school to high school can be a big change. From the number of people, classes, and halls, the first week can be full of different opinions.
“I expected to get lost a lot,” said freshman Colleen Bryan.
This can be the case for many others new to the larger high school. However, freshmen Josh Sauer said he had problems finding classes. After he learned where they were, he described it as “pretty easy, simple.” The first week, according to some freshmen, was different than they expected for several reasons.

“All the teachers were suppose to be hard and strict,” said Sauer.

Also, freshman Brayden Hoke thought high school was going to be tough but said it turned out to be easier than he thought.

One of the biggest changes for many freshmen is the teaching style of their teachers. Some freshmen have trouble studying for the harder tests.

“It’s harder to take notes because teachers do not explain much,” said freshman Kaelei Gnthulier.

Some freshmen also enjoy how the school rules are a little more lenient. “I like the dress code a lot better,” said Gnthulier.

“[I like that] people have grown up a little, and are not as concerned about what you wear and what you say,” freshman Jalyn Kowalski said.

Overall, freshmen tend to find their place in high school and begin to get the layout of the school down. Many have high hopes for the rest of the year.

“For the most part, I want the rest of my high school career to be similar to this week,” said freshman Liam Resener. “The best part about being a freshman is that you’re going to be a sophomore.”

Freshman class introduced to FC

By Kara Beard and Anna Berry

On August 2, incoming freshmen and their parents walked in the doors of FC as freshmen focus mentors stood in the halls ready to help.

“We guide the freshmen around,” said mentor Jessica Kingery.

The mentors are available to answer questions parents and students have, such as where a certain classroom is or how to open their locker.

While most of the help mentors give is physically, some help was also mentally.

“I like helping the students because I feel like my experiences can give them advice on how to make their high school experience the best it can be,” said mentor Darian Eswine.

Mentors had activities planned to go over some important rules. The main rule covered was dress code.

“We’ve got a what-not-to-wear skit, were basically it’s a fashion show. People come up in goofy outfits and we tell them to wear it or not.” said Kingery.

Freshman Zach Robinson said the dress code skit helped him learn what he can wear to school and not get in trouble.

Starting high school, as a new chapter in their lives, the freshmen are filled with nerves and excitement

“I’m excited about going to a bigger school and finally being out of Highland Hills, because high school seems so much better than middle school,” said freshman Noble Guyon.

However some students still express a fear as their upcoming day approaches.

“I love it here. The rules mainly,” said freshman Kayleigh Brewer.

Brewer said she is scared about lunch because she doesn’t want to be with the upper classmen.

Getting lost was a big fear among the freshmen.

“It’s high and I feel that it’s so overwhelming,” said freshman Jalyn Kowalski. Kowalski said she is worried about being late to class and forgetting where things are.

Freshman Night Out was not just for the students, but also for the parents. Parents were nervous for their children.

“[I’m nervous for my child] Mainly because the big transition moving into high school, they’re more students,” said Melissa Cora. “When I was in high school, the freshmen were still in middle school.”

Along with being nervous, the parents were also excited. Cora said she is excited about all the opportunities her son will have, while Patty Sears said she is just excited for her daughter to start high school.

At the end of Freshman Night Out, parents and students exited the building in full conversation about high school while they left all their worries at the door.

“I’m not nervous anymore, I’m now most excited about being in a new school and new environment,” said freshman Erin Patterson.

Florida makes perfect family getaway

By Anna Berry

While on a family vacation in Redington Shores, Florida, we decided to go sight-seeing in Sarasota before taking family pictures on Anna Maria Island. We spent a total of 25 minutes on drawbridge waiting for a sailboat to pass. During this time, all 5 family members got out of the car and took pictures of the crystal-like water and shore buildings. This day of sight-seeing turned into my favorite part of vacation. There are so many places to stop and see. This drawbridge was my favorite place the whole day. It was calm, quite, and had the perfect angle to see the water. I felt like staying there all day just to watch the many sailboats come through. I will return to Redington and Sarasota every year and tell everyone I know to go have a perfect family vacation there.

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