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Column: Rookies usher in new baseball era

By JD McKay

After 162 games, a week of awards, and a great postseason the Major League Baseball season is over. The Astros finally won a World Series, Aaron Judge had the greatest rookie season of all time, and home runs hit an all-time high. Plus, my Yankees look like they will be a powerhouse for the next 10 years. The Yankee’s potential inspired me to predict next year’s results.

Offseason transactions haven’t started, but as of Nov. 22 next year’s World Series will see the Yankees beating the Cubs in six games. The Cubs will need to add one pitcher to be able to beat the Dodgers and be back to truly being World Series contenders. The Yankees have one of the highest MLB payrolls and a farm system stuffed with talent, just waiting for the players to mature enough to be MLB caliber.

The Astros and Yankees will become baseball’s newest playoff rival. Yearly we will see Judge vs George Springer and Gary Sanchez vs José Altuve. The National League doesn’t look like any two teams will be like the Yankees and Astros.

Until Clayton Kershaw retires, the Dodgers will also be a dominant team in the NL. The only team that can truly compete with them as of right now is a healthy Nationals team. Unfortunately, they are never heath and like to choke in the postseason.

Now to last season. In case you missed it, the World Series was spectacular. Once again, home runs were hit at an all time high, 25 homeruns were hit in the series, and eight in Game 2.

This season, Judge hit 52 home runs and Giancarlo Stanton hit 59. Both guys are 6’6” or taller and the tallest position players in the MLB. Plus, rookie Cody Bellinger hit 39 home runs and only played three quarters of the season. Edinson Volquez threw the only no hitter and Madison Bumgarner, a pitcher, hit two home runs on opening day.

Speaking of rookies, Bellinger and Judge were unanimous Rookies of the Year, and Judge was second in the AL MVP votes. Altuve won the AL MVP by 150 points. The NL MVP was much closer. Stanton’s incredible second half of the season made him MVP, two points over Reds future Hall of Famer Joey Votto. The Twins manager Paul Molitor won 85 games and made the playoffs after 103 losses the year before.

All in all, this was an incredible MLB season. The Yankee’s young stars arrived and started a new Yankees dynasty a few years early. The World Series went to seven games and saw several extra innings. We also saw the Astros finally reach the mark they have been trying reach for several years. The 2017 baseball was a season of surprise and home runs. Hopefully the upcoming 2018 season will be as spectacular.

A baddude’s journal

Photo by Tori Roberts

By JD McKay

“Be the badder dude!”
This phrase is one I hear often at football practice.
“The team with the badder dudes wins.”
“A bad dude will get 25 reps.”
“Be a badder dude than the guy you line up on.”

Football is not my life, but it is a big part of it. When I am not playing football, I am watching football, or I am at church wearing my Andrew Luck or Notre Dame jersey. My football season never ends. The Sunday after the season ends, I am back to long snapping and workouts until the first day of track season.

I am a diehard Colts and Yankees fan, and my favorite athlete is Aaron Judge. I will root for any Indiana college team, as long as they are not playing my Fighting Irish.
I will not watch the NBA until June. You could say that I am a Pacers fan but my winters belong to the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Sports have been a part of me the same way Sunday morning church has been. As a little kid, I was always out in the backyard playing football by myself, and when my mom said it was too cold to go outside, I would play football in the living room. On Sunday afternoons, I would watch the Colts with my dad in my Peyton Manning jersey.

My passion for sports combined with my goofy personality has motivated me to write my weekly sports column. My column will be published every Wednesday, and I will give you my input, a bad dude’s input, on everything Floyd Central sports and in the sports world.