A Baddude’s Journal senior athlete spotlight: Reece Compton

By J.D. McKay

This season, the boys’ golf team was preparing to win their fourth straight sectional title. Senior Reece Compton was preparing to try to finish in the top five for the third straight year,  but his goals for this season were bigger than a top 5 finish at sectionals. 

“My goals were to make it back to state, obviously. Then finish on the podium,” said Compton. “I wanted to team to get a top 4 finish. That had been our goal for the past three seasons and I knew we had it in us.”

The team finished 10th Compton’s sophomore year and 7th his junior year. As the team’s lone captain, he knew he would have to be a leader to get the team to improve three spots at state. 

“My role this season was to be a great teammate and lead by example. I wanted to show the underclassmen what it takes to get to the level you want to get to.” 

Being the team leader his senior year would be an easy role to fill because Compton has been a hardworking golfer for a long time. 

“I have had a club in my hand since I began to walk. My dad introduced the game to me at a very early age. I began competing competitively at age eight,” he said. “Now, I play between six and seven days a week and probably spend four hours a day practicing.”

Next year, he will play golf at Division-1 Purdue Fort Wayne; of course, Compton is excited about the future, but he is still disappointed to lose his senior year.

“The most disappointing part of losing the senior is being around the guys and not getting closure to how our season would have ended. Our whole team had dreamed about walking on the podium and having a medal around our neck,” said Compton. 

Just like in high school, he has big goals for the first season of his college career.  

“My goals are to make an impact my freshman year at Purdue Fort Wayne and keep improving,” he said. “I want to help the team win a Horizon Conference championship and make it to the NCAA regional.” 

His work ethic makes these goals reachable, but part of his work ethic came from the best golfing advice he has been given.

“The best advice would be from my dad,” said Compton. “He told me to never settle or get complacent and always look for ways to improve.”

NAFCS announces schedule update for the remainder of the school year

Story by Gracie Vanover

Over the month of April many students and faculty have had questions about what the rest of the school year would look like. Governor Eric Holcomb offered two options: complete 160 school days or 20 days of eLearning. On Tuesday, April 14 superintendent Brad Snyder announced that New Albany-Floyd County Schools would continue through May 21, which would give NAFCS the required number of days. 

With the extension into May, NAFCS has decided to adjust the school week.

Beginning next week e-Learning will take place Tuesday through Thursday with the remaining weekdays being teacher planning days.  That schedule will take us through May 21,” said principal Rob Willman.

Although this is a final decision many students do not find the continuation of eLearning through May to be beneficial.

“I know it’s hard to teach virtually but I don’t feel like I’m retaining any knowledge,” said senior Halle Naumann. “I’m just trying to get it done and submitted.”

For events like Class Night and Prom, dates are uncertain at this time.

For seniors, we are looking at a couple of events that will be done virtually such as Class Night, Class Day and Baccalaureate.  Firm dates or format have yet to be decided upon and will be communicated to you soon,” said Willman.

In his video, Snyder did address changes to graduation, including a postponement of ceremonies.

“We want to announce the postponement of our May 31 graduation ceremonies at both high schools. We want to provide some type of graduation experience for the Class of 2020. We know they’ve achieved an incredible milestone, but we also need to be cautious with the highly communicable nature of this public health risk,” said Snyder in the announcement. “We haven’t given up, but we are canceling [graduation on] May 31.”

If students have any needs from the school it is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Wednesday through Friday and between 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Students are free to come in during those times to retrieve materials like books and personal belongings.


Important student links:

Video announcement from superintendent Brad Snyder

AP testing information


Journalism I reporters select their favorite binge worthy TV shows for quarantine

As a follow-up to editor-in-chief Gracie Vanover’s review of worthy TV shows to binge watch, 10 Journalism I students offer their own binge worthy shows. 


Story by Catherine Amos

The Magicians

Many people can only wish for the ability to perform magic. Quentin Coldwater [Jason Ralph] finds what he has spent his entire life dreaming of when he stumbles onto the campus of Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy. The show follows several students as they try to complete as much of their education as they can. It isn’t easy, and they find that magic isn’t as whimsical as they had hoped. There are much scarier things than exams and class drama, and Quentin finds that there is something off about his favorite childhood books. For lovers of the Harry Potter series, The Magicians is the perfect show to binge. It adds a darker and more conflicting perspective to the traditional whimsy of magic.

Where to Stream: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon (Prime) Video.
Age Rating: TV – 14
Notable Actors: Stella Maeve, Summer Bishil, Jason Ralph.
Seasons & Episodes: 5 Seasons, 65 Episodes.
Favorite Episode: s3e5 “A Life in the Day.”
Favorite Character:  Eliot Waugh.


Story by Delaney Cook

Bojack Horseman

If you are a fan of dark humor and psychological shows, this just might cure your quarantine boredom. BoJack Horseman is about an actor who got his big break from a cheesy 90s sitcom called Horsin’ Around.  BoJack is a hasbeen actor trapped in a pit of depression, alcoholism, and self-hatred; the show gives you a small glance of how even people who seem together may be suffering the most. A little forewarning, it might not be the best idea to watch with your parents. The show has very mature themes that might make it awkward…

Where to Stream Netflix
Age Rating TV-MA
Notable Actors in the Show Will Arnett, Alison Brie, and Paul F. Tompkins
Seasons & Episodes 6 seasons, 77 episodes
Favorite Episode “Nice While It Lasted”


Story by Hallie Funk

The Office

The Office follows the events of a typical workplace, with characters based on the original British series. But with a blend of humor, quirks, and awkwardness, it had a long run of nine seasons. It features stereotypical roles, such as Jim, the likeable employee who has a thing for Pam, the receptionist. The main character, famously known as Michael Scott, has a bit of a narcissistic and attention-seeking personality that many fans grow to love. Many times, the characters’ personalities will clash and cause awkward tensions that we can’t help but laugh at. The great camerawork adds to the humor, showing occasional, confused glances at the camera and zooming in on expressions. And just like in real life, things go wrong. Whether it’s holding a pizza guy hostage or Dwight teaching the office how to do CPR, this show is a must-watch for comedy seekers.

Where to Stream Netflix
Age Rating TV-14
Notable Actors in the Show Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski
Seasons & Episodes 9 seasons and 201 episodes
Favorite Episode ”Dinner Party”


Story by Josie Hardesty

How to Get Away With Murder 

Love at first sight? More like obsession at first sight. This suspense-driven thriller can have anyone flying through its episodes in no time. How to Get Away With Murder follows a group of young, ambitious law students and their brilliant, mysterious criminal defense professor. Every year, the ruthless lawyer, Annalise Keating [Viola Davis], selects four out of the hundreds of students she teaches to work with her as lawyers. This year differs as Keating chooses five competitive, attractive, and cunning students. Although, the five soon discover that working for Keating won’t be so easy when a young girl goes missing and everyone becomes a suspect. Lies are told, betrayals are revealed, and secrets uncovered. So what happens when everyone’s alibi has to match up, and they don’t?

Where to Stream Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, YouTube, Amazon Prime
Age Rating TV-14
Notable Actors in the Show Viola Davis, Alfred Enoch, Jack Falahee
Seasons & Episodes 6 seasons and 84 episodes
Favorite Episode “Wes”


Story by Abby Hoffman

Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin is a hilarious and dramatic, American telenovela with five seasons. The show is about the strong Jane Villanueva [Gina Rodriguez] and her adventures through her crazy life. She lives with her extremely devout Catholic abuela [Ivonne Coll] and her not-so-devout mother [Andrea Navedo].  It is full of unexpected twists and turns and you never know what could happen next, just like an authentic telenovela. It has something that just about everyone likes, romance, comedy, crime/mystery, and a lot of drama. Jane the Virgin is a fantastic binge worthy TV show that will keep anyone on their toes.

Where to Stream  Netflix
Age Rating  TV-14
Notable Actors in the Show Gina Rodriguez 
Seasons & Episodes 5 seasons and 100 episodes
Favorite Episode “Chapter Forty-Four”


Story by Sydney Landrum

All American

All American is an up and coming TV show. Directed towards a teenage audience, it explores the challenges of overcoming adversity and showing loyalty to those who love you. The second season was just released, which made it a front contender to binge. The plot follows a football player named Spencer James (Daniel Ezra), who lives in a poorer neighborhood in South Crenshaw, California. When coach Billy Baker (Taye Diggs) shows up at one of Spencer’s football games, he is given a new opportunity. Coach Baker offers Spencer a spot on the football team at Beverly Hills High School. Spencer denies the offer at first, but then decides to take the leap into a whole new environment to fulfill his football dream. Throughout the show, Spencer faces the difficulty of the new lavish life of Beverly Hills, versus his home back in Crenshaw. The two worlds are displayed and explored deeply in the series. This gives the audience a view into how it feels to be a fish out of water.

Where to Stream Netflix
Rating TV-14
Notable Actors Daniel Ezra, Taye Diggs
Seasons & Episodes currently 2 seasons, 32 episodes
Favorite Episode ”Life Goes On”


Story by Meghana Mohankumar

The Flash

Yellow lightning crackles, a man zooms by so fast you can barely see him. Who is it? He’s the fastest man alive, and his name is Barry Allen [Grant Gustin]. Barry Allen’s mother was killed when he was 11 years old. The police arrested his father for her murder. Years later, STAR Labs creates the particle accelerator, but something goes wrong a freak storm is created and lightning hits Barry. Nine months later, Barry wakes up from a coma with superspeed. He decides to use his powers to stop crime, creating the Flash. With the help of Harrison Wells [Tom Cavanagh], Cisco Ramon [Carlos Valdes]. and Caitlin Snow [Danielle Panabaker], Barry forms Team Flash.The Flash is a unique show with its ability to mix comedy, family, love, friendship, darkness, and pain. The show explores the complexities of relationships and the importance of one’s actions. The writing in this show is phenomenal, the storylines are detailed and every single action that is made plays an important role in the overall. I think this show has something to offer to everyone, I never was a fan of superheroes, but it quickly became one of my favorite shows. The Flash is in the middle of its sixth season, episodes air every Tuesday on the CW.

Where to Stream Netflix, The CW
Age Rating TV-14
Notable Actors in the Show Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, Tom Cavanagh
Seasons & Episodes 6 seasons and 129 episodes
Favorite Episode “The Man in the Yellow Suit”


Story by Aidan Graef

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a riveting post-apocalyptic masterpiece that draws the audience in with every second that passes. Viewers watch as a group of survivors led by Rick Grimes travel their way through the harsh environment overrun by undead “Walkers,” or zombies, as we call them. The Walking Dead is not for the faint of heart; more than once I have wanted to look away as characters have to do unspeakable things to survive in this new world. With 10 seasons and more to come, The Walking Dead will have you fascinated for hours and wishing season 11 was already here. 

Where to Stream  Netflix
Age Rating TV-MA
Notable Actors in the Show Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus
Seasons & Episodes  10 seasons and 146 episodes
Favorite Episode “Better Angels”


Story by Claire Furmall

Virgin River

If you have some free time on your hands, and are looking to find a new show on Netflix I know just the one for you! Virgin River. Virgin River is about a big city doctor, Mel, from California that moves to a small town up north to help the main doctor there. Upon arriving, she doesn’t quite blend well with Doc Mullins. He tells her that he doesn’t need any help and doesn’t want her there. Crushed, she then goes to the community bar where she meets Jack. He comforts her, and is sweet, and he welcomes her to Virgin River. She develops feelings for him, but finds out that he has a girlfriend and she’s not sure she wants to begin a “new life” here. Meanwhile, Doc Mullins gives her a trial period so that she can prove herself and display that she has what it takes to be a good doctor. Mel is loved by everyone in the town except Doc Mullins. But, as much as Mel wants to start over here, her sister calls from Los Angeles. She wants Mel to come home. Can she prove herself and show that she is worthy? Or will she come home with a crushed spirit? 

Where to stream: Netflix
Age rating: TV-!4
Notable actors in the show: Alexandra Breckenridge, Martin Henderson, Tim Matheson
Seasons and Episodes: 1 season, 10 episodes
Favorite Episode: “Under Fire”


Story by Kennedy Page 

The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone is a classic and incredibly binge worthy television series. The iconic opening and narration by Rod Serling laying out the story begins every episode. Each is a different look into new characters dealing with something disturbing or unusual in their lives as they enter a dimension dubbed The Twilight Zone. At the end there’s usually a moral, but sometimes there’s a surprise ending with no moral at all. It’s fairly slow paced, but easy to watch and pay attention to. No episode is like the other and the writing is fairly unpredictable. This series is abundant in episodes, has interesting stories to tell, will keep you on your toes, and gives you something new at the end of each episode – so binging is no problem. 

Where to Stream Netflix, Hulu, CBS, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, iTunes, and Vudu
Age Rating TV-14
Notable Actors in the Show Rod Serling, Robert Redford, Carol Burnett
Seasons & Episodes 5 seasons and 156 episodes
Favorite Episode “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street”

Q&A with college signees Brenten Rodgers and Daly Skees

Photo Courtesy of Wayne Timbs

Story by J.D. McKay

After three or four successful years as players, athletes get their chance to be recognized in the paper and in the school by signing to play college sports. However, because of Coronavirus, several athletes have not gotten to do their signing. Hopefully they do get the regular signing at school, but I would be surprised if they do. Baseball player Daly Skees and football player Brenten Rodgers were two players in this situation; so I thought I would let them tell my readers and me about where they picked to get the recognition of signing on our website.

Daly Skees

Baddude: Where are you going to school?

Daly Skees: “I’m going to attend Hillsdale College.”

BD: Why did you choose that school?

DS: “I chose Hillsdale because the campus was perfect and all the people there made me

Senior Daly Skees pitches his junior year. Photo Courtesy of Wayne Timbs

feel welcome. I had similar views about the game of baseball and training with the coaches. The mission of the college was very intriguing as well.” 

BD: What are you most excited about in college?

DS: “I’m most excited about going to a challenging school that will prepare me for life after school. I’m also excited about getting to play the sport I love at the next level.”

BD: What are you planning on majoring in?

DS: “I’m planning on majoring in economics or mathematics.” 

BD:What were some achievements in high school?

DS: In high school, I achieved a top 100 player in the state and a top 25 pitcher in the state by PBR [Prep Baseball Report]. I was also voted a Perfect Game All-Area All-American Honorable Mention.”

BD: What are some things people would be interested to know about your school? 

DS: “Hillsdale is number three in great books programs according to Best College Reviews. It is also one of the top conservative colleges in the country.” 

BD: Are you disappointed you might not get to sign at school, and why?

DS: “I am disappointed because I have wanted to have that moment of signing at school with all the people who helped me get to the point where I’m at now. I think it would have been a great way to say thanks to all of them.”

BD: Anything else you want to tell me about your signing, your school, or your high school career?

DS: “This year is weird because I was not ready to take off the green and gold jersey for the last time, but now that I know I won’t get to put it on it hurts more than I thought it would. I have been wearing those colors for 10 years but now it’s over before I get the chance to say goodbye.”

BD: How disappointed are you to not get your senior season of baseball?

DS: “Hearing that I wouldn’t get my senior year of baseball was devastating. My teammates and I worked so hard for so many years to get to play our senior year. We spend a lot of time outside of school practice and workouts to hopefully set ourselves up for a successful final season.” 

BD: Will not having your senior season affect anything with Hillsdale or not?

DS: “No it will not affect anything at Hillsdale. I have kept in touch with my coaches and they have answered questions and concerns I’ve had.”

BD: What were you most looking forward to this season?

DS: “I was most looking forward to the opportunity to pitch for my school and team. I was looking forward to seeing where we stood against the rest of teams in the state.”


Brenten Rodgers

BD: Where are you going to school?

Brenten Rodgers: “Trine University”

BD: Why did you choose that school?

BR: “It’s felt like home every visit I went there. Their job placement rate, graduation percentage, [and] the atmosphere are very good. It’s more in the rural area of Indiana and not a big city. I like to be away from the big cities and out in the country.”

BD: What are you most excited about in college?

BR: “I am mostly excited about a fresh start. It’s a new beginning and one of the hardest choices I’ll ever make in my life. I’m excited about the opportunities that await me, new people I’m going to meet and football. I’m really excited to be able to fulfill my dreams of playing beyond high school football. Heck J.D., when we were Little League we joked about it and now it’s a reality. So I’m really excited to keep pushing myself and seeing what’s next.”

Senior Brenten Rodgers (73) chases after junior Wenkers Wright as he tries to make a block. Photo by Brock Kennedy

BD: What are you planning on majoring in?

BR: “I am planning on majoring in mechanical engineering, with my background I am very interested in doing that field of work and enjoy doing it.”

BD:What were some achievements in high school?

BR: “I had a lot of gals coming into high school. My main one was to get a 3.5 or above and right now I’m at a 3.67. So that was a big check mark. Graduating was a goal too, of course, but I had other small ones that really paid off in the long run. I watched a video my freshman year and three words stuck out to me. They were ‘One more rep.’ I took out a note card and wrote down some simple goals for my freshman year. They were to show up to every practice, give all I got, and dress for a varsity game. I did all three and it really set a tone for me. I did that every year. Senior year was different. I failed all my goals my junior year. So I pulled out my card and decided I was not going to do simple goals again. I’m going to make goals that are going to break me down and show me how to keep fighting. My goals were to go undefeated at home, win a sectional championship, all-conference, all-state, and be picked to play in an All-American game. As you know, I checked one and two. I failed three and four, but the early mornings with Gumble paid off and I got to play in an All-American bowl on the Miami Dolphin field. That was awesome. So all my goals and achievements were football but it’s what got me through high school. It was a lot of fun. Nothing is like Friday Night Lights, I mean nothing.” 

BD: What are some things people would be interested to know about your school? 

BR: “Trine is a very cool place. Trine has a great atmosphere. The job placement rate, graduation rate, and small class sizes are awesome. It’s just a great place overall.”

BD: Are you disappointed you might not get to sign at school, why?

BR: “I’m very disappointed I don’t get to sign at school. I mean, that’s where I thought I was going to die during summer workouts. It’s where I failed and gained a lot of strength. We have grown up with a lot of people in our class and other grades. We always dreamed of signing in front of everyone in “our” high school, and now since that’s not going to happen it just doesn’t feel as special anymore.”

BD: Anything else you want to tell me about your signing, your school, or your high school career?

BR: “I’d say if it wasn’t for Floyd Central football I probably wouldn’t be going to the next level. FC football and FC really developed me into the guy I am today. I owe a lot to my team and teachers and coaches. I can’t thank you guys enough. All though I don’t get to sign, the memories and everyone who pushed me to be able to get the grades and athletic ability will always be there.”

The official news source of Floyd Central High School