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Floyd Central High School

6575 Old Vincennes Rd.

Floyds Knobs, IN 47119



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3 thoughts on “[Contact Us]”

  1. Bagpiper editors, following up on your article about The Hart Strings Nov. 20 (thanks Megan Johnson & Melanie Parrish!) I’d like to share their Winter Break show schedule: this Friday Dec. 13, 6:30pm at Bean Street in Floyds Knobs (stop by before the FC/NA game!); Saturday Dec. 14, 7pm at Headliners, 1386 Lexington Rd in Louisville, ages 14+, $5 in advance from the band or $8 at the door; and Jan. 4 at 8pm at Cafe 27 on 145 E. Main Street in New Albany. Hope to see your readers at a show or two!

  2. The build-out of the new website is coming along nicely. You might consider making the e-mail link live. This will allow the reader to click on it and load a correctly addressed e-mail window for their message.

    Grace, you’re doing a fine job refining the look of the site and adding content.
    Danielle, you’ve doing a great job developing the schedules, style guide. (I haven’t seen the A/V Package info, but you can share that with me when ready.)

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