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Miss POPapella?

Photos from the POPapella concert. All photos by Jill Moore

FC takes the pledge

Senior Nick Hebert pauses between takes for the group shots for FC's segment in Extreme Home Makeover. The rest of the students hold up their thumbs wearing rings to signify their promise to not text and drive. "I think it's a good personal challenge for me and the rest of the school. It is a real problem in the world today. It's hard to take a second off and not be part of the world," said Hebert.

Highlander season ends 45-44 in overtime in sectional championship game

Student battles phone fears

By Grace Runkel
Features co-editor

I suffer from telephobia. I was not always like this; I used to love to talk on the phone when I was young. I was excited when my parents finally taught me phone etiquette. I also have many fond memories of myself playing office and constantly answering my imaginary phone.

However, somewhere along the line, probably in those terrible tween years, I developed my debilitating phobia of the phone; as well as mottephobia, but that is another story. So what is it that is so terrifying about the phone for me? It is a pretty long list, but I could probably sum it all up in three words: it is… awkward.

I am okay when I am talking with my mom during one of her many “I’m just checking up on you” calls. I can even handle when a friend calls about a homework assignment, but if the conversation goes over five minutes I start to freak out. What do I do if I run out of things to say?

This is the worst possible thing that could happen because either the callers make very lousy small talk about the weather or some other minute topic, or have a very awkward silence. I am not sure which of these situations are worse since both make it clear that no one has an actual desire to talk.

Even simply dialing the phone gives me goosebumps. I started dreading this part after my friend and I tried to call another friend, only the number we were given was not actually hers.

We dialed the number three times, and each time a man answered and we were too freaked out to say anything. Not long after, we received a very angry phone call.

Now whenever I dial a number I have to check it three to four times before I actually make the call. However, speed dial has become a very close friend to me.

However I am making an effort to overcome my fears. No, I have not taken therapy sessions, but I have started using the phone.

Instead of having a long, drawn-out conversation via texts, I try to call people when I need to tell them something. Rather than e-mailing someone to contact them, I will pick up the phone and leave them a message.

It is a slow healing process, but I believe if I stay on my path to recovery perhaps one day I will be normal. Well, more normal.

Coordinators prepare for Harvest Homecoming

By Christina Belcher
Features reporter
For 43 years, hundreds of eager people flock to down town New Albany to partake in the fun fall festival at Harvest Homecoming. The 2010-2011 Harvest Homecoming Committee [HHC] president Kerry Nicolas plans the upcoming events taking place the first weekend in October.  


Bagpiper: What is new this year? 
Kerry Nicolas: “Our new event is the Riding Lawnmower Races for ages 18 and over, which is at the 4-H Fair arena on Sept. 25.  You can get details about the race or any other events on the Harvest Homecoming Committee website.  We also have a new souvenir this year.  It is a Harvest Homecoming keychain.  It will be for sale at the HHC Souvenir booth.”
BP:What are some of the traditions surrounding Harvest Homecoming? 
KN:”The Pumpkin Decorating event is our oldest event and a longtime tradition.  The Parade, the Balloon Race and booths days are definite traditions that many people look forward to.  There are many other traditions also: such as the kids events, our entertainment, etc.”

BP:Why is Harvest Homecoming so popular? 

KN:”Harvest Homecoming is so popular because it’s like a large community reunion with great food, craft booths, events and entertainment where people can run into someone they haven’t seen in years.”


BP:What is one thing someone should know about Harvest Homecoming if they have never been before?  

KN:”They need to know that Harvest Homecoming has something for everyone, no matter what age. We have many different food booths, craft booths, events and entertainment for everyone’s taste.”


BP:What’s your favorite activity to do at Harvest Homecoming?  

KN:”My favorite activity at HHC is eating lots of different foods and enjoying the entertainment .  I’ll go get a sandwich, etc. and go sit where there is entertainment to eat my food.  That’s if I have the time.”


BP:What’s one thing everyone should make sure to do at this year’s festival?  

KN:”Everyone should make sure they take advantage of what our different booths have to offer as well as our great entertainment and events.  There isn’t just one thing, there are many things they should do to enjoy the festival.” 


BP:What goes into planning Harvest Homecoming? 

KN:”We plan all year for the festival, starting right after the festival ends for the next year. The vice president meet ten times a year and the Board of Directors meet five times a year. It takes a lot of work and many hours, by hundreds of volunteers, to run the Harvest Homecoming Festival.”

What is your favorite thing about Harvest Homecoming? What is your favorite food?

Carmen Schreiber, Grade 11 I love selling chocolate covered bananas in a banana suit, and my favorite food to get is chicken and dumplings.

Courtney Wells, Grade 9, My favorite ride is called twister and my favorite food is the corn
Alex Lawsterer, Grade 11,My favorite thing about Harvest Homecoming is definitely the food stands and I always get a pork chop sandwich.Mathew Oser, Grade 10, I just walk around and talk to my friends. My favorite ride is the gravitron.
Mathew Oser, Grade 10, I just walk around and talk to my friends. My favorite ride is the gravitron.