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Turkey Bowl coverage from Friday, Aug. 2

Juniors win Turkey Bowl 7-0



Seniors defeat juniors 12-6 in Friday night’s Turkey Bowl

Photos by Sophia Perigo, Taylor Watt and Nicholas Gordon

Turkey Bowl kicks off the year tonight

By JD McKay and Adam Hynes

As classes begin and the fall season approaches, the annual Turkey Bowl kicks off the school year tonight at 7.

Turkey Bowl annually pits teams of senior and junior girls against each other on the football field.

“My favorite part about coaching the seniors this year has to be seeing them all progress. They have all caught on fast to what we are teaching them and we’re impressed with what we’ve been seeing,” said senior coach Trent Winningham.

Since 2013, the seniors have not lost a game. This year, the juniors look to finally win after the long drought.

“The seniors already have a year of experience from playing their junior year, and this time we’re really determined to win, but we’re still going to have fun and enjoy it,” said junior quarterback Bailey McLean.

The juniors are aiming to end the long streak of losses in past years, but to win will have to overcome their lack of experience.

“I think the reason the seniors come out on top most of the time is because they’ve had an extra year of experience. For the juniors, this is their first time practicing ever,” said junior offensive coordinator Trace Willman.

This year’s team of seniors lost 20-6 as juniors last year. They ultimately are looking to come out with a win tonight in their last year.

“We’ve really pulled together this year and I think it’ll be a great game,” said senior Caitlyn Saltzgaber. “We’re always hoping for a win.”


Bottom Line- The seniors have an a big advantage because of their experience playing in the Turkey Bowl. However, the juniors this year are very determined to win and it’s about time for an upset to happen. Final score: Juniors: 28 Seniors: 20

Seniors defeat Juniors 27-6 at Turkey Bowl