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Classes give small schools a chance to win sectionals

By J.D. McKay

On Saturday, Carmel won the girls’ swimming state championship, which makes sense. They are the biggest school in the state by almost 800 students. However, this is their 33rd straight year winning the swimming state championship. Only three other schools in Indiana scored that have fewer than 1000 students: Madison, Corydon, and International. These schools did not really have a chance against Carmel, a school at least seven times their size.

This is not the only sport that this happened to, and Carmel is not the only school benefitting. Our tennis team has won 34 straight sectional championships. Being that successful for that long is impressive, but the competition can tarnish that streak. Our sectional currently has North Harrison, Salem, Eastern (Pekin), and Crawford County.

The way to fix this is to add classes. Classes mean that teams play other teams in sectionals that are similarly-sized schools. Football, basketball, softball, baseball, volleyball, and soccer all have classes and also are not consistently winning sectional championships like the non-classed sports. That would allow for some smaller schools like Corydon or Madison to be successful and win state championships in sports like swimming instead of just going in expecting to lose to Carmel by 400 points.

The main problem with this solution is what to do with individual state champions. For example, having an individual state champion in the 500-freestyle or in singles tennis. However, I do not think this would lead to a problem. There could just be a state champion by class. This could lead to more all-state athletes because top 8 in an individual sport is all-state, but this is not really a problem, either. Football, for example, has all-state athletes by class, so other sports should be able to do this as well.

For example, Jeffersonville had not won a sectional championship in wrestling from 2011 until 2018, because there was a high level of competition in the sectional. But after losing to New Albany or FC for six straight years, we were dropped from their sectional. Now their main competitors are two teams who are 3A in football while they are 6A. These schools that are a third of the size of Jeff often do not really have a chance against the big school.

It is time to give the small schools a chance to win sectionals in every sport.


Wrestling begins promising season

By Courtney Combs

The intense moment when a wrestler takes the mat is nerve racking, but the chanting crowd calms everyone’s nerves. The athletes shake hands, get their minds straight, and begin their first meet of the season, the green and gold scrimmage.

“I’ve always thought that wrestling was an interesting sport, and I like how it not only is an individual sport but also a team sport,” said junior Jackson Cundiff.

The year is starting off just where it needs to be. The boys went through the grueling conditioning and then through tryouts, and now are on to tough practices. The team is using the new weightlifting coach, Donnie Gumble, to their advantage, and are working with him almost every practice.

“We did preseason training with Mr. Gumble and we’re working on becoming better athletes and more explosive,” said head coach Brandon Sisson.  

The team is going on their 51st season and is hoping to take a 30th sectional title win this year. The boys are not feeling anxious about the sectionals win, but everyone can’t wait for state and they can’t wait to see how far they will make it. The team has returning state qualifiers, sophomore Gavin Alstott and Jonathan Kervin,  which will put them in a good place for a hopeful run to state.

“Going to state is my main goal, and I think I will be able to place really high this year,” said junior Jonathan Kervin.

Hopes are high for each player as they are making the transition into developing new players after losing several seniors last season. Each player is expecting a lot from their other teammates and are expecting a lot to come from their coaches as well.

“I am expecting for us to do a lot better this season. We’ve been practicing super hard and we did a lot more on the off-season than we have before,” said sophomore Max Stenberg.

This year’s class of seniors will have to step up and lead by example for young athletes who are attempting to take their spots on the varsity roster. They work to challenge younger wrestlers as well as keeping their positions as top athletes on the team.

“I have a pretty good senior group this year. They aren’t the most vocal guys, but they come in and do what they are supposed to do, and that’s all a coach could really ask for,” said Sisson.

Senior Jackson Hussung is ready to take on the role and the responsibility of being a senior. This is his second year of playing varsity, so he knows what to expect and how to make his team come up on top.

“I know what is to come, and my confidence and skill are going to put us on the right path,” said Hussung.

The season is falling right into place as the boys are already participating in scrimmages against one another and beginning meets against other schools.

Junior Kobe Armes said, “The boys and I are ready for our first green and gold scrimmage to determine who is wrestling and who is not. We’re really excited to show people how far we can go this season.”

Support winter sports in their upcoming seasons

By J.D. McKay

The fall sports wrapped up at the end of October with the football team losing to Bedford North-Lawrence and the boys’ and girls’ cross country teams running in the state meet. Now, I will be off the sideline and in the student section supporting our winter sports just like you should be.

This year, our boys’ basketball team comes into the year with high expectations. Even after seven seniors graduated last season I expect they will be successful. Senior Cobie Barnes has played very well over the last three years with Luke Gohmann, who graduated and is playing basketball at Marian University now. I expect Barnes takes the role as the number one player and explodes, making himself a real problem for other teams. The game to go to this season is at New Albany at 7:30 p.m. on Dec. 7.

I am not completely sure what to expect from our girls’ basketball team this year. Last year was a tough year for them, but they hired Randy Gianfagna as the new head coach after Kirk Hamsley stepped down. Last season the injury bug also struck ferociously, taking out two players who would have made large contributions. They also did not have a spectacular senior class, so almost all significant players returned. Since most of the team had varsity experience last season, they should have a good season. Their biggest game that is not against New Albany is probably against Providence on Jan. 24 at home, starting at 7:30 p.m.

Wrestling is set to once again send at least one wrestler to state. Last season, sophomore Gavinn Alstott went to the state meet in weight class 106 and should be able to return to state again. If you want to go watch a wrestling match this year go to the match against St. X on Dec. 21 at 6 p.m.

Boys’ and girls’ swimming should once again be the best in the conference. Last season they were also both undefeated, and I do not see why they cannot do that again this year. Senior Lauren Thomson finished twelfth in the 100-yard backstroke. If she could move up to the top eight she would be all-state. To watch both boys and girls swim in the same meet you should go the the FC Invitational on Nov. 24 at 10 a.m.

Rage on the Stage Photos

By Taylor Watt