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Highlanders face off against Pioneers tonight

By Eric Ordonez and Luke Geraghty

As the football team prepares for its second game of the season tonight against local rival Providence Pioneers, the buzz around nearly every hallway seems to be about how excited fans and staff members are to be a part of it.

After last Friday’s 28-21 victory over Male in the season opener, the team is riding high with plenty of confidence and energy. Providence, who is looking for revenge after last year’s 25-13 loss to FC, looks to steal a road victory tonight at Ron Weigleb Stadium. Head coach Brian Glesing said this is a statement game and is ready for the grind tonight.

“I hope it’s exciting. This is Friday night high school football, it doesn’t get any better than this,” said Glesing.

What concerned Glesing in the opener was the special team’s play and the lack of quality tackling.

“Too many defensive breakdowns, that we’re going to have to fix right away,” said Glesing.

However, Glesing acknowledged how well the offensive line played and their ability to move the ball late in the game.

The Pioneers come into the game with some changes of their own.

“They [Providence] have a new coaching staff that we’ve prepared for. We’ve prepared to cover their outside sweep game, and also know they’re going to try to run it inside on us,” said Glesing.

The kickoff is scheduled for 7 p.m. and the theme is a green-out for FC fans.

Soccer teams preview talent at Jamboree

By Jacob Bales

The boys’ and girls’ soccer teams were showcased at the annual Jamboree on Saturday. The teams played both Jeffersonville and New Albany in scrimmage games. The boys lost both games 1-0.

Senior Danny Laird that the team has the ability to grow and rebound from the losses.

“Our team this year is young and inexperienced, but they are very easily taught,” said Laird.

The team is very young, with only five seniors starting. Although the youth, Laird is still optimistic for the outcome of the season.

“We would love to win sectionals. It is something we have never been able to do during my high school career,” said Laird.

The girls won against Jeffersonville 2-0 and tied New Albany 1-1. Junior Mary Clay commented on the team’s strengths and weaknesses.

“Our strength is our midfield. Our weakness is our defense, which is still good but has room for improvement. We lost a few seniors and that has definitely hurt us,” said Clay.

Clay also has hope for her team to win sectionals this year.

Glesing discusses upcoming season

By Ty Elliot

Coach Brian Glesing

Bagpiper: What will you do at the quarterback position with Garrett Shanks back as a senior and Bryce Smith getting some experience as a sophomore last season?

Brian Glesing: “We have a QB battle with Garrett and Bryce.  Both have been great.  Both of them will play in the scrimmage.  Also, Garrett is starting at linebacker so that will play into the decision.”

BP: What does the depth chart look like after Kyle Bramble?

BG: “Terrence Kennedy, who is a junior, is a good backup.  Also, we have Jason Van Buren, who did a good job last year filling in for Kyle.”

BP: What do you all need to do better so you all can be where you want to be at the end of the season?

BG: “We need to get better defensively.  We gave up way too many yards last year.”

BP: Out of your returning players, who do you think will step up this year?
BG: “We have a lot guys who will step up.  We expect big plays out of Austin Wirth and Joey Quinkert.”

BP: What group or position has improved the most so far?

BG: The linebackers have really improved.  They have been reading their key better.”

BP: What does this senior class bring to your team?

BG: “It’s a great senior class, over 20 seniors.  They have great leadership and a lot of experience.”

Athletic director Bill Pierce retires, ending 41-year career

By Devin Bloomfield

Athletic director Bill Pierce has worked in the educational system for the past 41 years, both as a teacher and athletic director. Throughout his long term Pierce has met many students and teachers that he adores and respects. This year was Pierce’s last and he is more than excited to retire, even though he said he will miss his “dysfunctional family” here at FC.

“I will miss all the people I have gotten to work with these past 15 years. We are like our own little dysfunctional family. I have grown to trust them and I am proud to be  able to call them ‘my people’,” said Pierce.

Though he will miss the job, Pierce plans on enjoying his retirement.

“I have been going to school since I was five years old and I could probably work until I am 70, but it just gets tiring sometimes and it is time for me to go. I will be seeing my grandchildren a lot and still come back and watch some games. I do not really have a set plan, though. I have had a great time here though and I am proud of what this school has become,” he said.

Taking his place next year will be Jeff Cerqueira, who is currently at Charlestown Middle School as an assistant principal. He has been there for the past 12 years. Along with his administrative experience, Cerqueira also has been the assistant baseball coach here for 15 years. Cerqueira is not only going to be the athletic director, but he is also going to be an assistant principal.

Pierce said Cerqueira’s connection with FC will be an asset as he steps into his new position next year.

“Jeffrey has always been a part of the Floyd Central community, so I am really pleased to keep this job in the family,” said Pierce.

The application process for this position was extremely long and detailed. According to principal Louis Jensen, there were 35 applicants, of which 13 were interviewed. The last three finalists spent a day at FC to shadow and observe the school.

“He will be doing more on the teaching side of things because of his administrative background, but I am excited that he was the one to get the job,” said Jensen.

Cerqueira graduated from FC, taught at Scribner and Hazelwood Middle Schools, and now is at Charlestown Middle School, so he has an extensive background already in this school district.

“Jeffrey is really excited and gung-ho about the new position. There are a lot of people that will be here to support him in the beginning so that he becomes comfortable with the work,” said Pierce.

Pierce said that despite his retirement, he would still help with the transition in the athletic department.

“I consider Jeffrey one of my own and I will be more than happy to come back and help him in the beginning,” said Pierce.

Jensen said that Cerqueira will begin July 14 and at that time he will just be getting familiar with the system and people he will be working with.

“Because this is a new position, tying two into one, it will take some getting  used to, but Jeff is the man for the job and we are all excited to bring him back here,” said Jensen.