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Fall sports ‘midish’ season update

Photo by Grace Allen

Story by J.D. McKay

We are about halfway through the fall sports season and have already seen the success FC has come to expect.

Volleyball has had a tough season. They are 8-13 but beat New Albany on Sept. 6, three sets to one. They have three more home matches remaining, against Presentation Academy on Sept. 24, Assumption on Oct. 1, and Madison on Oct. 4. The varsity plays at about 7:00 p.m. for every game.

Football has struggled this year but still has a winning record at 3-2, losing to Male and Seymour. However, they have beaten their rivals Jeffersonville 23-0, and Providence 30-17. This Friday they play Columbus East at home which is the Homecoming game. They also play New Albany at home on Oct. 12. Both games start at 7:00 p.m.

The girls’ golf team has almost finished their season. They were 37 strokes under sectional runner up Corydon Central in their sectional championship. They also were all top three individual finishers. Freshman Sophie Cook won with a 79, sophomore Zoe Hoehn finished second with a 82, and junior Francesca Hartlage finished third with a 83. Regionals are this Saturday at Country Oaks Golf Club in Montgomery, IN.

Boys’ and girls’ cross country have both had success. The girls’ team won the Tiger Run at St. Xavier High School on Aug. 25. The girls’ are also heavy favorites to repeat winning conference. The boys have been competitive in several big meets. They finished fifth in the Tiger Run. They will have a tougher task come Sept. 29 when they run conference but they could certainly win the Hoosier Hills Conference. Conference for the boys and girls is at home on Sept. 29, starting at 9:00 a.m.

Boys’ tennis is also having a good season. They have a winning record and are ranked fourth in the state and first in their district. They have the Hoosier Hills Conference prelims tonight on the road. Their last home match is the Hoosier Hills Finals on Sept. 21 at 5:00 p.m.

Last is boys’ and girls’ soccer. The boys have had a good season. They are 6-4. They have beat Jeff, Providence, and New Albany and have two more home games. They play Jennings County Saturday at 11:00 a.m. and Collins on Sept. 24 at 7:30 p.m. Girls’ soccer is 10-2 and ranked 32 in the country, according to They have a home game at noon saturday against Bloomington South and against Madison on Sept. 27 at 6:00 p.m.

Nike uses Colin Kaepernick’s ‘Sacrifice’ in newest ad campaign

By J.D. McKay

On Aug. 26, 2016 the 49ers lost to the Packers in what should have been a meaningless preseason game. Two years later the recoil from that game can still be seen in the game and weekly in the news. 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem. Players began to join together in the protest, hitting a crescendo on Sept. 24, 2017. Steelers offensive tackle Alejandro Villanueva stood outside of the Steelers tunnel alone for the national anthem.

After the 2016 season ended, Kaepernick, who had been riding the bench, opted out of his contract to pursue more money he assumed he would get. However, there were no buyers for a washed up quarterback that would lose his team’s fan support and money. Kaepernick is still unemployed and now is suing the NFL because he believes the owners are colluding to keep him out of the league.

Since then, he has won and been finalists for several Man of the Year awards. He won GQ’s 2017 Man of the Year where he was described as one of the best football players in the world in 2013. Then, in 2017 he was a finalist for Time’s Person of the Year. He also won Sports Illustrated’s Muhammad Ali Legacy Award in December of 2017.

Now, his face is a part of the view in San Francisco. Nike posted the first Kaepernick billboard over Union Square. The Billboard is Kaepernick’s face in a close up, so all you can see is his face. In front of his face are the words “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. Just Do It.”

That statement is incredibly ironic. His net worth is still over 20 million dollars, according to He is still alive, and he can still visit his family.

Meanwhile, the men and women who are sacrificing everything do not always have what Kaepernick has. For example, a Private First Class in the Army is making 26,000 dollars a year if he or she has been serving for six years, according to For that Private First Class to make the equivalent of Kaepernick’s net worth, they would need to work for 769 years. That Private First Class could also be deployed, unable to see his or her family and potential in life threatening situations.

The results of this ad campaign probably will not be completely clear immediately. Americans have be outraged about it recently, their stock has dropped two dollars from $82 to $80, and videos of people burning their Nike gear or cutting the swooshes off of socks and shorts. However, their online sales also increased 31 percent over that time. One of two things could come from this. Americans could forget about this ad and go back to buying their Jordans in just a few months, or Americans could show how they really feel about these protests and stop buying Nike.

Nike and Kaepernick might think that he has sacrificed something. What he sacrificed is unclear to me, but apparently he sacrificed something. If he truly want to see sacrifice, he should go visit with American Soldiers in another country, soldiers that have not seen their families for close to a year and have seen friends and fellow soldiers die, or children who lost their mother or father because they wanted to protect their children, family, and fellow American citizens.

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Football to go through ‘gauntlet’ over next four weeks

Photo by Sophia Perigo

Story by J.D. McKay

The next four weeks will prove what the football team is made of. Over the next four weeks, they are playing Seymour (2-1) on the road, Jeffersonville (0-3) at home, Columbus East (1-2) at home and Bedford (2-1) on the road. All four of these teams’ records do not paint the entire picture, and they all match-up very similarly to FC.

Week One- Seymour beat FC the last time they played at Seymour. They have built a talented football team behind second year head coach Michael Kelly, who is 6-7 so far at Seymour. Their one loss was to Columbus East, who is always good.

Week Two- Jeffersonville versus FC is a classic southern Indiana rivalry, and you never know what to expect from a rivalry game. Jeffersonville’s 0-3 record also does not show the strength of schedule. They lost to Seymour by two and lost to Bedford North Lawrence and Southwestern (KY). Plus, they always have athletes.

Week Three- This is one of the most highly anticipated games on FC’s schedule. Playing the Columbus East Olympians, who have not been beaten by FC since 2003 when Ron Weigleb was head coach. Their 1-2 record is also a bit deceiving. They have played Columbus North, who is one class better than East, and Whiteland who they lost to by six points.

Week Four- Bedford North Lawrence versus FC is a rivalry I see beginning in football. Since 2014, only two games have been decided by more than one touchdown, FC has won four of six games, two games were played in the post season. Bedford also runs the option successfully. When the option is run well it is tough for any high school to stop, so this could be the closest game of any of the four.


My keys to success- Linebackers need to attack the run game and the offense cannot commit any turnovers over the next four weeks.
Head coach James Bragg’s keys to success- Take it one game at a time and the offensive line needs to execute and stay on blocks.

Sports directly influence higher grades

By J.D. McKay

Every year when football season rolls around, it seems like a few kids have quit because their parents did not like where their grades were. To me, that is ridiculous. Sports certainly do not decrease a student’s academic performance.

The most obvious reason is eligibility. To be eligible, an athlete must be passing five classes, which should be achieved regardless by most FC students.

Another reason to work hard in the classroom is college sports. Go listen to any college coach or recruiter talk to a group of athletes or athletes’ parents. Near the beginning of their talk they will say, “When we find an athlete we like, the first thing we look at is grades. If their grades are good, we stay interested.” After hearing this hundreds of times,   athletes have figured out that to play a college sport we need to succeed in school.

Athletes also have to work harder in their sports workouts or practices than most students have to in their normal day. That hard work prepares them for academics. Since athletes have had experience pushing extra hard in those last 400 yards in workouts, they know how they need to push through those last few math problems that have been harder than the rest.

Lastly, according to James Pivarnik’s research at the Michigan State, fitness improves test scores. Pivarnik used 317 students in grades six through eight. He put them through a series of tests that measured fitness like strength, percent of body fat, flexibility, and endurance by doing exercises like push ups and shuttle runs. His results showed that the fittest group did 30 percent better than the most unfit group, and the most unfit group did about 15 percent worse than the average students.

Everyone has heard that athletics teach young men and women important life lessons like teamwork, working through adversity, leadership, and responsibility. People are not just saying those things; sports produce traits that help in the classroom. For some reason, the dumb jock stereotype has gone hand in hand with sports for several decades, but the research certainly does not support it.

Team comes together to overcome adversity in win over Providence

Photos by Grace Allen and Brooke Miller