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Boys’ cross country team looks to build on successful season

By Miranda Legg

With focus and determination, members of the boys’ cross country team looked for the finish line during last week’s cross country meet at Saint Xavier.

As this year’s season gets underway, the team looks to their seniors to lead them to the right direction.

“As seniors we’ve all grown up a little bit and we have definitely taken on more responsibilities in helping out the younger or even less experienced guys. If any of us see anything going wrong we’ll be sure to help out or help pick up whichever teammate it is that’s feeling down or feeling the cross season fatigue,” said senior Chance Schickel. “I’d say personally my message for the new guys coming in that is that it doesn’t start out fast for everyone, but you just have to trust the grind and the results will come.” Continue reading Boys’ cross country team looks to build on successful season

Brother and sister unite in public athletics

By Ashton Beck

When walking into a building for learning and receiving an education, students also come to participate in public school athletics.

Previous homeschooler junior Grant Vellinger arrived to FC, and it was the first time being a full time student in a public school.

“I was homeschooled for nine years. My first year at a public school was my freshman year at Floyd,” said Vellinger.  Along with Vellinger, his sister, sophomore Paige Vellinger also came to FC as a freshman for the same reason.

Grant involves himself in more than one sport.

“I played soccer and ran track my freshman year. Sophomore year I ran cross country and track and I’m doing the same thing this year,” said Grant.  Paige ended up doing the same as Grant.

Before FC, Grant was able to be a part of athletics.

“I played club soccer for Javanon which is a club in Louisville. That was pretty much year round,” said Grant.

Paige also participated in soccer before FC.

“I first played soccer for Graceland Baptist Church until I was in sixth grade then I played with Southern Indiana United,” said Paige.  She also ran on a home schooled cross country team.

Grant enjoys school sports over club.

“Club sports are much more serious. I don’t think club sports are as fun as school sports and mainly because I wasn’t very good friends with the guys on my club team. The guys on the cross country team are like my brothers,” said Grant.

With their athletics being a big priority, Grant’s top priority is his academics.

“My academics come before everything else at FC,” said Grant.

With all the accomplishments Paige and Grant have made at a public school, they have made their mom proud.

“I am very proud of them. I think that public athletics taught them many good life skills like a good work ethic,” said mom Erin Vellinger.

Lady Highlanders beat expectations, finishing 19th at state

Photos submitted by Reagan Kurk

Girls’ cross country going to state this weekend after 12 years

by Jonathan Blaylock

The cross county team is rising up in competition. Tomorrow will be the first time in 12 years the team will go to state competition.

“I’m really glad about going to state,”said senior Jamie Bierman.” I’m really glad it worked out…because we worked our butt off the last four years.”

Coach Carl Hook said he thinks the team will place around fifteenth and will run their race and cross the finish line with pride.

Senior Jamie Bierman and Zoe Doebbler run at semi state in brown county on Oct. 26. Submitted photo by Reagan Kurk.
Senior Jamie Bierman and Zoe Doebbler run at semi state in brown county on Oct. 26. Submitted photo by Reagan Kurk.

Tonight team members are going to Terre Haute to spend the night. Tomorrow morning the seven runners will do a shake out run since they don’t compete until 1 p.m. They will be competing against over 200 runners.

“[This competition] is a great deal for the program. It’s a big step, the program has been at this level before and we’ve been working hard to get back there. So getting there and getting the team back up on that level is a big deal and means a lot,”said Hook.

It’s exciting for the team and junior Cassie Nale said that it brings the team even closer to achieve winning and staying on top. All in all Cross Country wants to run the race and finish it and that is what they plan to do.