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FC win against New Albany captured old Indiana Basketball emotions

By J.D. McKay

Friday night’s game against New Albany was what Indiana high school basketball is supposed to be. A gym that holds 2,500 fans had about 2,600 fans from rival schools, with an atmosphere that reminded long time Highlander fans, including my mom, of past games between Pat Graham and Damon Bailey. Bobby Knight attended the Graham vs Bailey games. Last Friday, it was current Indiana head coach Archie Miller watching New Albany senior Romeo Langford. The Highlanders came out on top by two back then, just as they did Friday, mainly because of an average performance from Langford and an above average performance from senior Luke Gohmann.

Last Wednesday I predicted that to win, we would need to shut Langford down, rebound, and hit three pointers. Langford was stopped. Holding the fifth best player in his class to 15 points is basically shutting him down, and he travel on two of those. Rebounds weren’t much of a problem, and while we hit five threes, the lack of points didn’t seem to matter.

The Bulldogs main threat was senior Sean East. East was hitting shots from all over the court, including hitting a buzzer beater from the volleyball line to end the first half. East had 19 points.

Defense was really the key to success Friday. Only scoring 12 points in the second half obviously makes that important. With junior Cobie Barnes being out in the second half, that task came down to senior Matt Weimer, Gohmann, and senior Evan Nichols. Barnes missing most of the second half probably wasn’t in Coach Todd Sturgeon’s game plan, so those three stepped up well.

Final, in overtime, two guys that hadn’t scored yet, senior Gabe Shireman, and Weimer, stepped up. Shireman went straight to the hole twice to take a 43-47 lead. Then, after four New Albany points, Weimer made a backdoor cut and hit a layup to go up 49-47. After Langford missed a three and the officials called a questionable travel, New Albany had one last chance. Sophomore big man Trey Hourigan missed a three, and time expired.

After a quick handshake line that seemed to take two hours, we stormed the court. After 21 tries, the Highlanders finally beat the Bulldogs. So, I guess you could call that game an Indiana high school basketball classic.  

FC beats New Albany 49-47 in overtime last night












Column: Highlanders face toughest task this Friday

Photo by Tori Roberts

By JD McKay

This Friday the Highlanders will face their toughest task of the season, and his name is Romeo Langford. As well as Langford, New Albany boasts two other Division I recruits, senior Sean East and sophomore Julien Hunter.

The Highlanders come into the game ranked 15, and New Albany is ranked number one. Floyd comes in having won its first three games. New Albany has also won its first three games.  

The Highlanders have three keys to success to dethrone the Bulldogs.

The first will be rebound. Rebounding is every team’s key to success but particularly against New Albany. Langford will be getting a lot of attention, I expect him to be double teamed most of the night. Having two guys on one leaves one of New Albany’s other four to get rebounds. Rebounds will be difficult to come by, but second chance points will kill the Highlanders.

The next key is three pointers. Against Christian Academy and Clarksville, the Highlanders shot a combined 1 for 21 from the three-point line. However, last Friday against Castle they shot a respectable 5 for 12 from beyond the arc. To win, that mark will need to hit a season high.

The last key to success is Langford. Langford is the best senior basketball player in Indiana, and averaging just under 40 points per game. Langford dropping 40 Friday night will make Floyd winning nearly impossible. But, keeping Langford under 20 points should make a difference. In last season’s sectional championship game Langford had 16 points and entered the fourth quarter in a tied game (New Albany won by 16). Another effective strategy is to get Langford in foul trouble. Langford in early foul trouble could give the Highlanders the chance they need to take an early lead.

Bottom Line- The Highlanders have already had one tough game against Castle, which should prepare them for another tough game against New Albany. Floyd’s seniors will be seeking revenge following last season’s loss in sectionals and at New Albany. Langford playing like he has earlier this season will result in a blow out. Friday’s game will either end in a buzzer beater as it did two years ago or a blowout like last season. Score- 51-50 Highlanders

To get tickets, visit athletic director Jeff Cerqueira’s office on Wednesday from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. Tickets are five dollars with a limit of five tickets.

Expected Starting Five

Floyd Central New Albany
Matt Wiemer Sean East
Gabe Shireman Romeo Langford
Cobie Barnes Julien Hunter
Luke Gohmann Derrick Stevenson
Brendon Hobson Trey Hourigan


Column: Rivalry week separates contenders from pretenders

By JD McKay

This weekend we saw one and two lose for the first time since 2012. Alabama lost at Auburn in the Iron Bowl, and Miami lost to Pitt, who was a 12-point underdog. Clemson and Oklahoma proved why they are ranked in the top four with big wins over rivals.

We learned that Auburn is legit. Two weeks ago Auburn took on Georgia, who was ranked first at the time, at home and won by 23 points. Then on Saturday, Auburn played Alabama at home and won by 12 points. I expect Auburn to be ranked third Tuesday, and if they beat Georgia again in the SEC Championship they should head into the playoff ranked and be number one.

The ACC championship game will determine another playoff team. While Miami’s loss to Pitt looked bad, they thumped Notre Dame and Virginia Tech. Plus, beating Clemson adds one more solid win to an already good schedule. Clemson is already in the top four, so a win for Clemson guarantees a spot in the playoff.

Oklahoma has dominated every team except Iowa State, and this week’s game against TCU will be no exception. Oklahoma will be the two seed if Auburn loses or the three seed if Auburn wins.

The real drama comes up for the fourth seed. I believe the deciding factor will be a combination of the Big Ten, SEC, ACC, and Big 12 Conference championships. If Wisconsin wins the Big Ten they will be in as the fourth seed.

The image looks murkier if Wisconsin loses, though. Wisconsin already had a weak schedule, so losing to Ohio State makes them look like an average team that got through the regular season because of a weak schedule. That puts Wisconsin out. Wisconsin out makes room for Georgia, Alabama, Miami, or Ohio State. That spot probably would go to Alabama. However, if Georgia plays Auburn close or wins, they would be in. Miami could get in with a close game against Clemson, and Ohio State would be Big Ten champions. The Playoff Committee likes confrence champions. However, losing to Iowa by 31 points probably won’t be overlooked by the selectors. If Oklahoma somehow loses, then the Big 12’s spot will be open for another of those four teams.

Top 8 and how to get in:

  1. Clemson: Beat Miami in the ACC Championship
  2. Auburn: Beat Georgia in the SEC Championship
  3. Oklahoma: Beat TCU in the Big 12 Championship
  4. Wisconsin: Beat Ohio State in the Big Ten Championship
  5. Alabama: Wisconsin loses to Ohio State, and/or Oklahoma losses to TCU, and/or Auburn loses to Georgia
  6. Georgia: Beat Auburn in the SEC Championship and hope the Committee likes their resume over Alabama’s
  7. Miami: Beat Clemson in the ACC Championship and Oklahoma loses, Wisconsin loses, and Auburn beats Georgia
  8. Ohio State: Beat Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship and hope the Committee overlooks their loss to Iowa

The boys’ basketball team conditions for upcoming season

Photos by Lexi Sapp