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FC plays New Albany Friday in continuation of historic rivalry

Photo by Kate Zuverink

Story by J.D. McKay

Every year FC and New Albany play each other about three weeks into the season, then again to end one of the team’s season. These games make for some exciting basketball. However, the best game to go to is the regular season game. The crowds are packed into smaller gyms and avoiding the hour drive to Seymour gets lots of students at the games. 

If you have read my previews in the past, you will notice a common theme in all of them. New Albany head coach Jim Shannon will find a way to stop our best player. But, since Cobie Barnes and Romeo Langford have graduated, it is a completely new game compared to the last few years. 

First, as I said above, Shannon will find a way to limit junior Jake Heidbreder. If Heidbreder can outplay whatever they have in store for him, things will go our way. If he can drop 15 points, I almost guarantee a win because of how low scoring these games usually are.

The next key to win comes from sophomore Cole Harritt. Harritt has a silky jumper and can light it up from three. He dropped 23 last week against Castle, and most of those points came from threes. He is 12 for 25 from three (48 percent) so far this year. In our closest game, against Christian Academy, he did not shoot well. I think if he lights it up again, we should be able to win.

The last key we need is for a third scorer to step up. Freshman Caleb Washington has played well so far this year, especially on the offensive glass. If he can get a few offensive boards and putbacks, he could be that guy. It could also be senior Grant Gohmann. Gohmann is pretty good at getting the ball in the hoop, but has a struggled at times this year. If he is able to hit a few shots, he could give the Dogs some trouble.

A few other things to note- New Albany will be without senior Julien Hunter, who is out with a stress reaction in his foot. Senior Trey Hourigan is returning for the Dogs after being suspended for two games. New Albany sophomore guard Tucker Biven can score; he dropped 32 last week in Shannon’s 400th win at New Albany. The Dogs also lost 68-43 two weeks ago to Bloomington South, that was their worst loss in several years. The Highlanders are giving up 46 points per game compared to the Bulldogs 56. New Albany is 1-1 and FC is 5-0. Both teams have played Evansville Harrison. We won 67-47, they won 68-45. 

Bottom Line- Both of these teams have lost quite a bit of talent over the past couple years. However, they also both have some young talent that can score. But, without Julien Hunter, I think the Dogs lose a big part of their offense and will rely on Biven. If our defense, which is notoriously strong, can limit Biven and get one or two guys going besides Heidbreder, New Albany will not have an answer. Final Score- FC 53 NA 51

The New Albany-Floyd Central game is finally here, and it will be the rowdiest game in the state, so do not miss it.



Basketball beat Castle 66-62 Friday night

By Kate Zuverink

Indiana rallies around Bowsman family with football

Photos Courtesy of Noah Lukinovich

Story by J.D. McKay

West Washington’s field lit up for anyone who wanted to come by and remember their deceased coach. Photo courtesy of Noah Lukinovich

Earlier this year, I wrote a column about how sports can make an enormous impact on a community and nation. It focused on national tragedies with a focus on 9/11
because I published it on 9/11. 

Recently, another heart breaking event happened in the area with the passing of head West Washington football coach and athletic director Phillip Bowsman. He died unexpectedly in the hospital on Nov. 25 after suffering a stroke during the semi-state championship game on Nov. 22. His son was the starting quarterback for the team. 

FC’s field lit from a distance. Photo courtesy of Noah Lukinovich

But the state has rallied around the Bowsman family. Last Friday night, the memorial was held on West Washington’s field. But as this was happening, schools all over the state were turning on their football field lights to remember coach Bowsman. The first school to do it was Southwestern. They do not have a football field but had a moment of silence and lit their basketball gym with cell phone flash lights to remember the coach. 

By the time Friday came around, this was known throughout the whole state. A few colleges and many high schools began posting pictures of their lit-up football fields with the hashtag Bowsmanstrong. From what I could find, the number was at least 153 schools, but possibly as many as 291, including at least seven out of eight HHC teams. That also includes two schools in Iowa, Bishop Garrigan, over a 10-hour drive away, and North Scott. 

A few people wander off West Washington’s field after visiting Bowsman’s memorial. Photo courtesy of Noah Lukinovich

This is an incredibly sad story. But it shows the power sports have. One simple action, turning on stadium lights, shows that the Bowsman family was not alone, and the whole state was think of them in their tough time.  


Power-lifting team enters second season

By J.D. McKay

If you have been to a FC sporting event over the past year, it is clear that our athletes are bigger, faster, and stronger than ever before. That is because of strength and condition coach Donnie Gumble. His first year was last season, and after just his first year, the football team won sectionals for the first time in 10 years. We also won five other sectionals this fall, so that decision seems to be paying off.

Gumble came from Florida where weightlifting was a official high school sport. 

“I started it because it was something I competed in in high school. In Florida, it is a varsity sport, so you have your teams,” said Gumble. “You develop team comradery and you develop a family within your team like you do in football, basketball, or any other team sport. That was what it was like in Florida at the last school I was at. The goal is to develop this club and hopefully the IHSAA will see it through as a varsity sport in the next 5 to 10 years.”

Making power lifting an official sport in Indiana would not make us outliers. Many other states are adding it as an official sport. According to Gumble, Minnesota and Arizona have it as well as many southern states. 

“Last year at the high school state meet there were at least 10 schools,” said Gumble. “Some schools brought one lifter but other schools like Crown Point have a whole club team and brought between eight and 12 lifters with them.”

If you are worried that you are not the best athlete or star of a team, but want to compete against other Indiana schools, Gumble said that is not an issue either. 

“You do not have to be the all-star athlete of a tradition sport to be good at weight lifting. A lot of times it is not the guy who is the all-star or the first stringer but they just have this natural knack for bar-bell movements, or they are just made for it,” said Gumble. 

Senior Noah Lukinovich has not played a sport in high school, so he was a little worried about being behind, however, that has not been an issue. 

“I was not sure I would be a top priority for coach Gumble, be he definitely gives me and everybody else the attention that they need. He also gives great instructions even for athletes at all different levels of experience,” he said.

Senior Gary Schultz has plenty of experience lifting and joined the team after football season because he just enjoyed lifting and working with Gumble. But his goals have changed a little since when he joined. 

“I want to lose weight while my lifts go up,” he said. “It’s fun to do it for Coach Gumble, too, because he is always smiling and really enjoys what he does.”

Gumble said, “I am passionate about weight lifting. It has tremendous transfer and benefits to sports performance.”


Cost: Free

When: After school most days or before school on Mondays and Wednesdays. Talk to Gumble for more time information. 

Questions: Talk to Gumble in the weight room after school or email him at

Boys’ basketball begins tonight

Photo by Brock Kennedy

Story by Luke Vick, Addy Banet, and Zoe Nowling

With the fall season in full swing, FC students patiently wait for the first tip-off of the 2019-20 basketball season tonight.

This year, like others, marks an unknown outcome. But junior guard Jake Heidbreder said that the team has a high potential this season.

 “In my eyes, I think this team has a ton of potential. If everything runs according to plan, we should have a great season,” said Heidbreder.

Senior power forward and center Grant Gohmann has had a challenging career that has made him a more persistent and determined individual on and off the court. Gohmann’s determination and faith in his team is what ultimately drives his play. 

“Any game on any given night, though, we could beat any team that walks in the gym,” said Gohmann. Gohmann has a fierce confidence in himself as well as his coach and team.

As far as a future for his career goes, Gohmann has applied for multiple colleges, including Hanover College and University of Chicago, and they each have a spot. With this in mind and a potential scholarship in his pocket, Gohmann is not going to show any signs of slowing down. 

Some of the biggest supporters of the team are the parents, including Gohmann’s mother, science teacher Jennifer Gohmann.

“It’s always fun to watch your children perform,” said Jennifer. Like Jennifer, a lot of parents and coaches are excited for this upcoming season.

“I’m looking forward to being the underdog at sectionals because I think we have the ability to win and surprise people,” she said.

For head coach Todd Sturgeon this ability to win will come from his team’s desire to work hard and get to a high level of play.

With his team’s recent success in previous seasons, he is looking forward to working harder and pushing further into the postseason.

“I’d say in general we are coming off back-to-back conference championships, and I’m sure the guys would like to keep the tradition going,’’ said Sturgeon.

One challenge he has faced as coach is the competitiveness of the other teams and how difficult the competition is getting during the regular and postseason. With this pressure his team is looking to perform 

Student fans are also as excited for this year’s basketball season. “This year I look forward to watching our basketball team with my friends to support our school,” said freshman Emily Cook.

While the students are filled with excitement, they are also filled with hope for the outcome of this season. 


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