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Column: Spring sports hope to build on successful year

By JD McKay

Our winter sports season ended sadly on Saturday after losing to New Albany 51-45 at Seymour for the sectional championship. But the boys’ basketball team had an incredible year, beating Jeffersonville twice, going one and one against New Albany, and winning the Hoosier Hills Conference outright.

Basketball was not our only success, though. Senior wrestler Tristan Sellmer finished fourth in state, girls’ swimming just beat Jeff to win their sectional, and the boys’ swim team thumped everyone in their section on their way to their sectional championship. They also had seven swimmers qualify for state. The Dazzlers had a successful nationals, finishing third and fifth overall, which some viewed as a disappointment, but as Dazzler coach Todd Sharp said before the senior Dazzlers’ last performance, many schools would love to finish as high as the Dazzlers did.

After such a successful winter season, our school pride should not stop. Boys’ and girls’ track, boys’ golf, girls’ tennis, and softball all won sectionals last year, and the one sport that didn’t win a sectional, baseball, was sectional runner-up, and we should see success again this year.

Our school showed amazing support to our boys’ basketball team. It was incredible to be apart of and something we need to carry on. Getting rowdy at these games isn’t as easy as it is to get rowdy after an Evan Nichols dunk, but supporting our classmates and friends should get us involved. Plus, watching some of the best sports teams in Southern Indiana should be reason enough.

This entire school year has been historic for our school. With only one quarter left, I see no reason why it should be any less memorable, so do not miss out on the history and success that we might never see again while we are in school.  

Floyd faces New Albany in the rematch tomorrow night

By JD McKay

Just minutes ago we beat the Jeffersonville to advance to play the winner of New Albany vs Seymour. Let me rephrase that. We just advanced to play New Albany. The Dogs will once again be a tough match led by senor Romeo Langford and senior Sean East, and winning will again be tough. To win we will need to do three main things.

We need to stop East. Last time I wrote about New Albany I said we need to stop Langford. Now, Langford is the best player I’ll ever watch at Joe Hinton Court, and could be the best to ever play their, but I know what he is going to do. He is going to be Romeo and score 25 points plus throw down at least three ridiculous dunks, and hopefully go to Indiana (Sorry, wrong story). East, is more of a question mark. He is typically lights out from the three-point line, but if we can cool him off, I like our chances.

Next, is how we come out. New Albany will start the game with a vengeance after getting beat by us once and being down by nearly 20 in the first quarter. We will need to play under control and try to slow the game down. It is much easier to keep Langford from scoring when he does not have the ball. Part of that will be looking for good looks and not taking bad shots.

Last, we need to be stroking it from the three point line. Senior Gabe Shireman’s last season has not been what he was hoping for, but if he gets hot tomorrow night, I like our chances. Last year he was one of our best shooters, shooting over 50 percent from the three point land. If he lights it up, we should win.

Bottom Line- This basketball season has been memorable. We have swept Floyd County and beat Jeff twice. This season shouldn’t end by losing to New Albany, and I don’t think it will. I expect a deep push into the tournament. With senior Luke Gohmann leading the team and a great group of guys behind him, I expect they will battle through some adversity to win tomorrow night.

Final score- Highlanders 61 Dogs 57

Column: FC set to beat Jeff at Seymour this Friday

By JD McKay

This basketball team has been one of the best in Floyd Central history, comparable to the Pat Graham-led team from 1989. Both teams had a star player, both teams had solid second and third players, and both teams had a villian. Then, it was Damon Bailey. Now it is Romeo Langford.

However, to get to play Langford, we need to beat an athletic Jeffersonville team. When I watched Jeff play earlier this year I was impressed by their athleticism, but aside from senior Bailey Falkenstein, unimpressed by how they scored the ball. I could see that being their achilles heel.

We have scorers. Junior Cobie Barnes and senior Luke Gohmann can light it up from outside or get to the rack and finish tough shots. Senior Brendon Hobson can drive to the hole as well, and with his length, finish tough layups.

Bottom Line- Jeff played us tough this year, and I expect it will be close again, the outcome should not change. The Highlanders can simply score better, and if senior Gabe Shireman finally hits his stride or Gohmann heats up, I am not picking against Floyd.

Score- FC 62 Jeff 56

FC beats BNL 76-35

Photos by Tori Roberts