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Senior Isabelle Langford earns Girl Scouts Gold Award

Photo by Shelby Pennington

By Ky Haney

Senior Isabelle Langford recently accepted her Gold Award for Girl Scouts, the highest award a Girl Scout can earn. The Girl Scouts describe it as “the most difficult to to earn” and challenges winners to “change the world — or at least your corner of it.”

Langford has been involved with Girl Scouts since she was in first grade. “Girl Scouts stand for building a better, more accepting world. People can still help out with a lot of different things. I’ve always had fun in it,” said Langford.

She heard other girls call themselves Daisies, but she was not sure what that meant until she asked and signed up for Girl Scouts. She stayed in this for years and eventually her troop started leaving. However, Langford did not.

“I’m proud to be in this because of what it stands for. It’s something girls can get involved with, it doesn’t really require talent. It just requires commitment, being human and helping other humans out,” said Langford.

Girl Scouts is full of many valuable activities that help members learn lifelong skills, including just being kind to each other. Langford really liked getting patches when she was younger, saying it felt like going on adventures.

This feeling continued with her Gold Award, which recognizes her commitment and requires honorees to to identify an issue, investigate it, create a plan, present the plan and gather feedback, take action, and educate and inspire.

“When getting the Gold Award, you go on something called a journey, and it is where you get a book. You answer all these questions about different things. You have to do the journey before you can even start on getting your Gold Award,” she said.

Langford is very proud of this award and worked hard to earn it. Her dedication is shown with the fact that she does many other activities outside of school, along with Girl Scouts. She is in handbells, choir, dance, and theatre. Many of her big festivals in Girl Scouts are actually on Saturdays, when her dance class takes place.

Her dedication was not for nothing. Langford wanted to start sophomore year, but she had to think of a plan for her first step. She started on her Gold Award in August of her junior year. It took her until March to get it approved, though.

She made a timeline of every single time FC went to the International Thespian Festival. Since many people did not know what this festival was, Langford made a PowerPoint and a timeline showing how important this was, highlighting the accomplishments of FC Theatre.

“When you get your Gold Award, you are supposed to branch out to different communities. I needed different playbills and I asked on Twitter for people to send it, and they did. People from Georgia, people from Florida, it just sparked this whole network of people reminiscing of their times in theatre,” said Langford. “They kept saying ‘Whoever this girl is, stay in Girl Scouts’.”