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Ask Alexandra, columnists’ weighs in on leggings

Is it possible for girls to wear leggings so that they’re flattering?
-Senior Nick Lynch


Dear Nick,

Fortunately, there is a way for girls to wear leggings that is both flattering and stylish!

Leggings look look best when paired with long, billowy shirts like a tunic. Since leggings fit snugly to the body, it is important that your top comes down past your hips. Your look should be balanced, if the top is roomy the bottom should be fitted, etc. Larger or tall women should wear leggings with dresses that come to the knee or slightly above the knee, and should try pairing a belt with it to create a slimming hour-glass figure. Petite women should make sure that the top is proportioned so that it does not fall past their mid-thighs. When choosing the right shoes leggings looks best with ballerina flats or plain pumps. Boots are also a great option especially in the colder months that are soon to come.

Things to avoid when wearing leggings: Don’t wear leggings with sweatshirts out in public, it’s unflattering. Don’t wear a top that stop before the rear if you are a curvier gal, it can create an unwanted “lumpy” look.