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Column: How to fix the NBA Playoffs

By JD McKay

The NBA playoffs started last Saturday, April 14, and will not end until the first week of June. As a reference, in that time period the New York Yankees will have played just over a quarter of their games. Plus, we all have a pretty good idea of what is coming. Warriors vs Cavs part IX.

That predictability is the reason I will not be tuning in until Game 7 of the NBA Finals. The NBA needs to take a page out of the NCAA’s March Madness when it comes to people being interested. That tournament is the only time of year when non-sports fans and sports fans come together to see if the Cinderellas can do the impossible or tune in to see if a 16 seed can beat the 1 seed.

The NBA does not need to go to one-game playoffs, but four best-of-seven series is too much. They should start the first round with a best-of-three series. That could give the underdogs a chance to beat the super teams they have to play in the first round. Then go to a five-game series, followed by the seven-game conference finals and seven-game NBA Finals.

While we are talking about the playoffs, I thought I would tell you what is going to happen. I think the Eastern Conference Finals will see the Milwaukee Bucks losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the West will have the Oklahoma City Thunder losing to the Golden State Warriors.

The Finals will be less interesting than last year. The Warriors will sweep the Cavs, and a few weeks later Lebron James will join the snake Kevin Durant and the Warriors.

Just kidding.


Column: The Yankees will win World Series

By JD McKay

The 162-game marathon is on and being a Yankees fan, I am excited to see The Giancarlos Stanton and Aaron Judge Show dominate baseball. But, as it is for most Americans, my excitement will wear down and I will be looking forward to the playoffs and All-Star break. So while excitement is still up for the season, I will tell you what will happen.

I expect some typical performances from teams. The Reds will finish last in their division, the Nationals will choke in the playoffs, and the Dodgers will find some other pitcher to go with Clayton Kershaw and have the best staff in baseball.

Now, for a few bold predictions. The Minnesota Twins will play in the ALCS. They had a surprisingly good season last year, and I expect them to build on their success. The Reds will lose 95 games, but Joey Votto will win NL MVP. He is one of the best hitters I will ever see. He consistently hits 320 and gets on base 45 percent of the time. Lastly, Shohei Ohtani will be overhyped and after the season be viewed as a bust. He is a rookie who has played in Japan for five years and finally took his talents to the MLB, but the MLB is not the Nippon Pro Baseball League, so it will take more than just one year to adjust to the MLB.

On to playoff predictions. The wildcard games will see the Red Sox beating the Blue Jays, and the Cardinals beating the Mets.

The Divisional Series will have the Yankees beating the Red Sox. Twins beating the Astros. Cubs beating the Cardinals and the Dodgers beating the Nationals.

The NLCS will have the Cubs playing the Dodgers for the second straight year, but with different results. The Cubs will beat the Dodgers to go to the World Series again.

The ALCS will have the Yankees playing the Twins and just like last year’s American League wildcard game, the Yankees will need to come back from a deficit but will end up winning the series.

The World Series will see two opposite teams playing each other. One team that has won 27 World Series and is hated by most Americans, pitted against The Lovable Losers, who won their third World Series over 100 years after their second championship. However, I will be one of the few people in Southern Indiana excited about the outcome of the series, as the Yankees will take World Series number 28 in Wrigley, almost 220 days since the Opening Day.

Lent offers chance to grow and renew faith

Art by Tori Roberts

By Erin O’Farrell

Lent is a liturgical season immensely important to the Christian faith, as it focuses on a renewal of the spirit and faith in Christ. This 40-day period preceding Easter calls to all to try to live a life more like that of Jesus through taking this time to focus on faith and preparation for Salvation.

The 40 days gains its significance from two Biblical accounts, one in which Moses spent 40 days on the mountain with the Lord, and another in which Jesus spent 40 days in the desert after his Baptism.

Today, the 40 days are important because they bring about a period of change and renewal. All Christians that observe Lent take this opportunity to better themselves both in their faith and as individuals.

Many people choose to give something up for the 40 days, symbolic of the fasting of both Jesus and Moses during their 40 days. This ranges from giving up soda to avoiding social media- whatever that person feels is best for them.

When I was younger, I mostly saw Lent as a challenge. I still do- I want to stick to my promise and better myself moving forward- but back then, I did not understand its significance, and in the long run, I did not undergo much of a change. I went right back to those habits after the 40 days were up.

Having grown older, I now understand the significance of Lent and try to utilize it as an opportunity to grow closer to my faith, which is the reason most people do abide to it. I want to better myself as a person. This is the true goal of Lent. This time provides an opportunity to change ourselves for the better. This can entail more than giving things up, however.

Another practice seen during Lent is picking up a new, healthy habit whether it be reading the Bible, helping parents around the house, or volunteering. This is equally important as it also helps people grow in their faith and as individuals.

These 40 days can help people on the road to developing better habits. Like I said early on, I had trouble sticking to the commitments I made during Lent, but as I became more dedicated to the idea and saw Lent as something more than a challenge, it became easier to turn the practices into habits that I still follow today.

This time allows people to take an opportunity to enrich their lives. If there is something that you have always wanted to do, but you’ve never had time to do it, take the opportunity Lent has to offer to make it a priority, whether that be going to the gym, getting ahead on homework, or spending more time with people you care about. Simply sticking to this goal during Lent can better your life and help you continue doing it even after the 40 days are up.

This can apply to everyone. Lent has become a time for people to try to better their lives for any reason, and the 40-day period can set them up for a long-term commitment. A study by Phillippa Lally published in the European Journal of Social Psychology found that the average time period needed to develop a new habit is just over 60 days. Spending the 40 days of Lent (or 46, if you include Sundays) working on this habit, therefore, acts as a major boost to committing to the new habit, no matter what it may be. This can help strengthen you individually and spiritually for the long run, and having the support of so many people during the beginning of your journey throughout the Lenten season can make it so much easier to stick to your plan.

Whether you have a life-changing goal or are taking small steps to better your life, 40 days is an accomplishment. Maybe doing something as simple as helping more with chores around the house does not seem like a spiritual commitment, but by becoming a better person, you are becoming a stronger Christian. Every single kind act or step in the positive direction helps you and others grow to appreciate the world and people around you. It helps you recognize and value your faith. Those that see your commitment and your kindness can feel inspired by it.

Therefore, Lent is not simply a time to prove to others that you can do something. It is a time to grow in your faith and devotion to God. This can be done during any time of the year, but Lent lends itself as the perfect time period because of the meaning behind the season and because others will be striding alongside you.

Lent began on Valentine’s Day this year, so it seems fitting that we should take this opportunity to show our love for those important to us. During this time of change and renewal, it is important to remember that we are not simply trying to better our own lives, but also the lives of everyone around us through our actions.

Youtubers ingrain themselves in next generation

By Ky Haney

Sitting in front of a TV screen with your family members for a 90-minute movie is becoming more rare. A new platform has found its spot in the media: Youtube. While older generations are not used to this kind of media platform, the younger generations are growing on it.

Different kinds of fans exist in the community, fans who prefer makeup artists or live action performances. The most popular known Youtubers who exist are lets players. Lets players are people who play video games with comedic commentary. Over-the-top comedy is becoming more abundant, which is dragging out new personalities in younger generations.

“Younger generations” refers to people born in 2007 and up, whenever Youtube was first opened to the public. Children growing up on popular Youtubers such as Markiplier or JackSepticEye seem to differ in personality types and personal comedy than the people who enjoy Supermega and Oneyplays.

Now, some Youtubers are more justified for audiences of 10 to 13. Thirteen year olds are more likely to start watching Oneyplays than 10 year olds. It is just because of the content. In Markiplier’s content, his videos are of usually new video games. It does not seem to matter to him of the amount of humor he uses, more focusing on the surprise factor of comedy. This could affect the comedy in younger audiences.

Audiences who watch Oneyplays and Supermega range from anywhere to 13 to 19. The thing about Oneyplays is that the main host, Oney (or Chris O’Neill), originally started with animations. A lot of his follower count came from older generations who watched him on Newgrounds, an American social media and video website, and his animation videos. In Chris’s videos, he is usually paired with his friends Julian and Ding Dong. This makes the comedy factor much more lively. They play older games and focus mostly on the comedic factor, not on the surprise shock humor. This also plays in personalities with fans just by what they are surrounded by. Fans develop this humor and see it in other things such as movies or cartoons.

Most Youtubers post multiple videos at around noon. These videos are usually 10 to 15 minutes long. This results in children staying in their bedroom to watch these videos. Youtube is not the only thing they could be doing; social platforms like Instagram and Twitter take up time as well. While watching these people everyday, it could alter personalities. The people you hang out with changes your behavior. Listening to these people every single day begins to influence what a child’s jokes are.

This transition could make younger children say things that are not appropriate for their age, which is why the Youtubers younger children watch should be monitored. Younger children should not watch channels intended for older audiences. Youtube is a large influence in lives around the world, the comedy perhaps being the only joy they can receive.

FC faces tough Jeff team Friday night

By JD McKay

Once again the Highlanders have a tough game against a Southern Indiana rival, and once again, I expect they will win. Both teams come in ranked in the top 20. However, Floyd comes into the game having won two home games in a row, most recently beating Corydon by 41 points. Jeffersonville, on the other hand, was thumped Friday on the road against New Albany, losing by 24 points. The Highlanders three main keys to success will be slowing down senior Bailey Falkenstein, senior Matt Weimer playing offense, and senior Luke Gohmann and junior Cobie Barnes continuing consistency.

Jeff does not have any Romeo Langfords or Sean Easts, but Falkenstein is Jeff’s best player, averaging 20 points a game. I expect Weimer to guard Falkenstein, and Weimer will shut him down. Weimer held Langford to 15 points, so I’d be surprised if he scored more than ten points.

As I said above, Weimer is the Highlanders’ best defensive player, but offensively is another story. To beat Jeff, Weimer will need to be sure to make a small offense impact. If he can make five assists and score five points and add his typical above par defensive play, he should boost his team to a victory.

Finally, Barnes and Gohmann have been by far the consistent players on the team. On Dec. 15 against Providence, Gohmann and Barnes scored 42 of Floyd’s 53, and on Dec 8, against New Albany, scored 31 of FC’s 49. These guys are the most exciting players on the team (other than senior Braxton Cerqueira, who has two points this season), and can get the student section into the game unlike any other players. Gohmann had a huge put back dunk against New Albany, and they combined for one of the most exciting plays this season against Providence.

Bottom Line- Floyd seems to have the more talented players and has shown how well they play together as a team. Jeff has had an easy schedule and that was apparent Friday against New Albany. The combination of Barnes and Gohmann, plus FC’s deep bench, will be too much for Jeff. Score- Floyd over Jeff 73-64

Expected Starting Five

Floyd Central Jeffersonville
Matt Weimer Jaylen Fairman
Gabe Shireman Jacob Jones
Luke Gohmann Bailey Falkenstein
Cobie Barnes Tre Coleman
Brendon Hobson Jaden Coleman