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Journalism I reporters select their favorite binge worthy TV shows for quarantine

As a follow-up to editor-in-chief Gracie Vanover’s review of worthy TV shows to binge watch, 10 Journalism I students offer their own binge worthy shows. 


Story by Catherine Amos

The Magicians

Many people can only wish for the ability to perform magic. Quentin Coldwater [Jason Ralph] finds what he has spent his entire life dreaming of when he stumbles onto the campus of Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy. The show follows several students as they try to complete as much of their education as they can. It isn’t easy, and they find that magic isn’t as whimsical as they had hoped. There are much scarier things than exams and class drama, and Quentin finds that there is something off about his favorite childhood books. For lovers of the Harry Potter series, The Magicians is the perfect show to binge. It adds a darker and more conflicting perspective to the traditional whimsy of magic.

Where to Stream: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon (Prime) Video.
Age Rating: TV – 14
Notable Actors: Stella Maeve, Summer Bishil, Jason Ralph.
Seasons & Episodes: 5 Seasons, 65 Episodes.
Favorite Episode: s3e5 “A Life in the Day.”
Favorite Character:  Eliot Waugh.


Story by Delaney Cook

Bojack Horseman

If you are a fan of dark humor and psychological shows, this just might cure your quarantine boredom. BoJack Horseman is about an actor who got his big break from a cheesy 90s sitcom called Horsin’ Around.  BoJack is a hasbeen actor trapped in a pit of depression, alcoholism, and self-hatred; the show gives you a small glance of how even people who seem together may be suffering the most. A little forewarning, it might not be the best idea to watch with your parents. The show has very mature themes that might make it awkward…

Where to Stream Netflix
Age Rating TV-MA
Notable Actors in the Show Will Arnett, Alison Brie, and Paul F. Tompkins
Seasons & Episodes 6 seasons, 77 episodes
Favorite Episode “Nice While It Lasted”


Story by Hallie Funk

The Office

The Office follows the events of a typical workplace, with characters based on the original British series. But with a blend of humor, quirks, and awkwardness, it had a long run of nine seasons. It features stereotypical roles, such as Jim, the likeable employee who has a thing for Pam, the receptionist. The main character, famously known as Michael Scott, has a bit of a narcissistic and attention-seeking personality that many fans grow to love. Many times, the characters’ personalities will clash and cause awkward tensions that we can’t help but laugh at. The great camerawork adds to the humor, showing occasional, confused glances at the camera and zooming in on expressions. And just like in real life, things go wrong. Whether it’s holding a pizza guy hostage or Dwight teaching the office how to do CPR, this show is a must-watch for comedy seekers.

Where to Stream Netflix
Age Rating TV-14
Notable Actors in the Show Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson, John Krasinski
Seasons & Episodes 9 seasons and 201 episodes
Favorite Episode ”Dinner Party”


Story by Josie Hardesty

How to Get Away With Murder 

Love at first sight? More like obsession at first sight. This suspense-driven thriller can have anyone flying through its episodes in no time. How to Get Away With Murder follows a group of young, ambitious law students and their brilliant, mysterious criminal defense professor. Every year, the ruthless lawyer, Annalise Keating [Viola Davis], selects four out of the hundreds of students she teaches to work with her as lawyers. This year differs as Keating chooses five competitive, attractive, and cunning students. Although, the five soon discover that working for Keating won’t be so easy when a young girl goes missing and everyone becomes a suspect. Lies are told, betrayals are revealed, and secrets uncovered. So what happens when everyone’s alibi has to match up, and they don’t?

Where to Stream Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, YouTube, Amazon Prime
Age Rating TV-14
Notable Actors in the Show Viola Davis, Alfred Enoch, Jack Falahee
Seasons & Episodes 6 seasons and 84 episodes
Favorite Episode “Wes”


Story by Abby Hoffman

Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin is a hilarious and dramatic, American telenovela with five seasons. The show is about the strong Jane Villanueva [Gina Rodriguez] and her adventures through her crazy life. She lives with her extremely devout Catholic abuela [Ivonne Coll] and her not-so-devout mother [Andrea Navedo].  It is full of unexpected twists and turns and you never know what could happen next, just like an authentic telenovela. It has something that just about everyone likes, romance, comedy, crime/mystery, and a lot of drama. Jane the Virgin is a fantastic binge worthy TV show that will keep anyone on their toes.

Where to Stream  Netflix
Age Rating  TV-14
Notable Actors in the Show Gina Rodriguez 
Seasons & Episodes 5 seasons and 100 episodes
Favorite Episode “Chapter Forty-Four”


Story by Sydney Landrum

All American

All American is an up and coming TV show. Directed towards a teenage audience, it explores the challenges of overcoming adversity and showing loyalty to those who love you. The second season was just released, which made it a front contender to binge. The plot follows a football player named Spencer James (Daniel Ezra), who lives in a poorer neighborhood in South Crenshaw, California. When coach Billy Baker (Taye Diggs) shows up at one of Spencer’s football games, he is given a new opportunity. Coach Baker offers Spencer a spot on the football team at Beverly Hills High School. Spencer denies the offer at first, but then decides to take the leap into a whole new environment to fulfill his football dream. Throughout the show, Spencer faces the difficulty of the new lavish life of Beverly Hills, versus his home back in Crenshaw. The two worlds are displayed and explored deeply in the series. This gives the audience a view into how it feels to be a fish out of water.

Where to Stream Netflix
Rating TV-14
Notable Actors Daniel Ezra, Taye Diggs
Seasons & Episodes currently 2 seasons, 32 episodes
Favorite Episode ”Life Goes On”


Story by Meghana Mohankumar

The Flash

Yellow lightning crackles, a man zooms by so fast you can barely see him. Who is it? He’s the fastest man alive, and his name is Barry Allen [Grant Gustin]. Barry Allen’s mother was killed when he was 11 years old. The police arrested his father for her murder. Years later, STAR Labs creates the particle accelerator, but something goes wrong a freak storm is created and lightning hits Barry. Nine months later, Barry wakes up from a coma with superspeed. He decides to use his powers to stop crime, creating the Flash. With the help of Harrison Wells [Tom Cavanagh], Cisco Ramon [Carlos Valdes]. and Caitlin Snow [Danielle Panabaker], Barry forms Team Flash.The Flash is a unique show with its ability to mix comedy, family, love, friendship, darkness, and pain. The show explores the complexities of relationships and the importance of one’s actions. The writing in this show is phenomenal, the storylines are detailed and every single action that is made plays an important role in the overall. I think this show has something to offer to everyone, I never was a fan of superheroes, but it quickly became one of my favorite shows. The Flash is in the middle of its sixth season, episodes air every Tuesday on the CW.

Where to Stream Netflix, The CW
Age Rating TV-14
Notable Actors in the Show Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, Tom Cavanagh
Seasons & Episodes 6 seasons and 129 episodes
Favorite Episode “The Man in the Yellow Suit”


Story by Aidan Graef

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a riveting post-apocalyptic masterpiece that draws the audience in with every second that passes. Viewers watch as a group of survivors led by Rick Grimes travel their way through the harsh environment overrun by undead “Walkers,” or zombies, as we call them. The Walking Dead is not for the faint of heart; more than once I have wanted to look away as characters have to do unspeakable things to survive in this new world. With 10 seasons and more to come, The Walking Dead will have you fascinated for hours and wishing season 11 was already here. 

Where to Stream  Netflix
Age Rating TV-MA
Notable Actors in the Show Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus
Seasons & Episodes  10 seasons and 146 episodes
Favorite Episode “Better Angels”


Story by Claire Furmall

Virgin River

If you have some free time on your hands, and are looking to find a new show on Netflix I know just the one for you! Virgin River. Virgin River is about a big city doctor, Mel, from California that moves to a small town up north to help the main doctor there. Upon arriving, she doesn’t quite blend well with Doc Mullins. He tells her that he doesn’t need any help and doesn’t want her there. Crushed, she then goes to the community bar where she meets Jack. He comforts her, and is sweet, and he welcomes her to Virgin River. She develops feelings for him, but finds out that he has a girlfriend and she’s not sure she wants to begin a “new life” here. Meanwhile, Doc Mullins gives her a trial period so that she can prove herself and display that she has what it takes to be a good doctor. Mel is loved by everyone in the town except Doc Mullins. But, as much as Mel wants to start over here, her sister calls from Los Angeles. She wants Mel to come home. Can she prove herself and show that she is worthy? Or will she come home with a crushed spirit? 

Where to stream: Netflix
Age rating: TV-!4
Notable actors in the show: Alexandra Breckenridge, Martin Henderson, Tim Matheson
Seasons and Episodes: 1 season, 10 episodes
Favorite Episode: “Under Fire”


Story by Kennedy Page 

The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone is a classic and incredibly binge worthy television series. The iconic opening and narration by Rod Serling laying out the story begins every episode. Each is a different look into new characters dealing with something disturbing or unusual in their lives as they enter a dimension dubbed The Twilight Zone. At the end there’s usually a moral, but sometimes there’s a surprise ending with no moral at all. It’s fairly slow paced, but easy to watch and pay attention to. No episode is like the other and the writing is fairly unpredictable. This series is abundant in episodes, has interesting stories to tell, will keep you on your toes, and gives you something new at the end of each episode – so binging is no problem. 

Where to Stream Netflix, Hulu, CBS, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, iTunes, and Vudu
Age Rating TV-14
Notable Actors in the Show Rod Serling, Robert Redford, Carol Burnett
Seasons & Episodes 5 seasons and 156 episodes
Favorite Episode “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street”

Dead Poets Society proves to remain relevant

Story by Meghana Mohankumar

“O Captain! My Captain!”

This famous line was written in a poem by Walt Whitman about the death of Abraham Lincoln. However, it also plays an iconic role in the book Dead Poets Society, written by Nancy H. Kleinbaum.

The first time I picked up this book I thought the beginning was slow and it was hard to remember who all of the characters were, but after the introductions, this book takes a turn for the better.

Dead Poets Society is set in a prestigious all-boys boarding school called Welton Academy. The school takes pride in its successful students who get accepted into Ivy League schools. According to the headmaster, Gale Nolan, the key to success at Welton Academy involves four pillars: tradition, honor, discipline, and excellence. 

The book starts slowly by introducing all of the characters. The main character, Todd Anderson, is the shy new kid. Almost everyone at the school seems to have their whole life planned by their parents. Even when it comes to decisions as simple as extracurriculars, these boys do not have any say in what they do.

Then, John Keating is hired as the new English teacher. Keating changes the way the boys think about their entire lives. Unlike the other teachers at Welton Academy, Keating uses unconventional methods like ripping pages out of the textbooks and having the students call him “O Captain! My Captain!” to show them that language is a powerful tool and the importance of being able to express themselves through words. 

The boys then find out that Keating used to be a student at Welton Academy and that he used to be a part of the Dead Poets Society. This was a group of students who would meet in a nearby cave to read poetry. So, the boys decide to restart the Dead Poets Society. They use Keating’s lessons to discover who they truly are and what they are passionate about.

This book is filled with several surprises and twists. Some find love while others find themselves. The last half of the book is filled with challenges the boys must face and a bittersweet ending.

Kleinbaum’s writing makes the reader understand the pressure the boys feel. Her descriptive language shows you how passionate the characters are.

The Dead Poets Society teaches you to appreciate the beauty of life and emotion. While poetry has never been an interest of mine, this book teaches you to love poetry and to enjoy it. The Dead Poets Society relates to younger audiences by discussing the pressure students feel when it comes to their future and how to truly live. What I loved most about this book was how inspirational it was. It made me rethink everything. Keating does not only teach the students at Welton Academy, but he also teaches the reader when he whispers, “Carpe Diem. Seize the day. Make your lives extraordinary.”

Quotes like these make the Dead Poets Society an inspirational book that can relate to so many people around the world.

Report Card:

Author- Nancy H. Kleinbaum

Published in 1988

Pages- 176

Based on the script for the movie written by Tom Schulman starring Robin Williams

Grade: A

Age rating: PG

Top 10 binge-worthy shows to stream during this pandemic

Story by Gracie Vanover

On Monday, March 23 Governor Eric Holcomb announced that Indiana would be going into a shelter in place lockdown until April 7 at least. With most of us being stuck in our homes most of us turn to television as a form of entertainment. Of course, most of us wonder what shows are best to binge? Over the past two weeks, I have done a lot of binge-watching so here are my top 10 picks across all streaming platforms.

10. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a hilarious title that has 14 seasons and is still going. The show is about a group of friends and their hijinks. The show is basically a slightly more vulgar version of Friends. The group, who call themselves “The Gang,” own a bar called Paddy’s Pub; however, it is not exactly a successful business. This group of friends loves nothing more than embarrassing each other and scheming to put themselves ahead in life. Whether it is impersonating officers or creating an absurd musical to get a girl, this group of friends will do whatever it takes to make fast cash. Overall the comedy and writing of this show are what makes this show so binge-worthy — a must-watch for comedy lovers.

Where to Stream Hulu
Age Rating TV-14
Notable Actors in the Show Danny Devito
Seasons & Episodes 14 seasons and 154 episodes
Favorite Episode “The Nightman Cometh”

9. Community

Ranking number nine on my list is the show Community. After being suspended from his law firm for lying about his degree, Jeff Winger [Joel McHale], goes to community college to get his degree. After meeting a cute activist [Gillian Jacobs] in one of his classes, he makes a fake study group to get to know her and from there the rest is history. As the “study group” continues these adults get into all sorts of trouble and soon see that community college is more than what they bargained for. Although the group argues non-stop, the chemistry in the friend group is like no other, which makes the show really stand out. This show is relatable, which makes it even funnier and a great watch, especially late at night when you need something to fall asleep to.

Where to Stream Hulu, Netflix
Age Rating TV-14
Notable Actors in the Show Chevy Chase, Donald Glover
Seasons & Episodes 6 seasons and 110 episodes
Favorite Episode “Advanced Advanced Dungeons and Dragons”

8. The Good Place

Have you ever wondered what life is like after you died? Well, welcome to the Good Place. After dying, Eleanor Shellstrop [Kristin Bell] is relieved to find herself in the Good Place. After living in the Good Place for a while, Eleanor discovers something; she was not supposed to be here. While hiding for the leaders of the Good Place, she learns how to change her ways in order to be accepted and good enough for the Good Place. With help from her soulmate Chidi [William Jackson Harper] and some of her neighbors, nothing can stop Eleanor from becoming someone good enough for the Good Place. This show is intense since Eleanor is essentially on the run, which makes it exciting to watch. The humor in this show is like no other, especially since they cannot curse in the Good Place. I recommend this show for those wanting to follow a comedic but dramatic plot.

Where to Stream Hulu, Netflix
Age Rating TV-14
Notable Actors in the Show Kristin Bell, Marc Evan Jackson
Seasons & Episodes 4 seasons and 53 episodes
Favorite Episode “Janet(s)”

7. Atypical 

Atypical is a heart-warming comedy following the life of an autistic teenager named Sam Gardner [Keir Gilchrist]. The show follows Sam through high school and college life, which he struggles with. After announcing to his family he wants to try to date girls, his father, Doug [Michael Rapaport], uses this to connect with his son. As Sam becomes more independent, his mother, Elsa [Jennifer Jason Leigh], struggles to find something else to do; especially since his sister Casey [Brigette Lundy-Paine] focuses on track and Doug is away due to being a paramedic. Inside each character is a layer of struggle and drama which makes this show so binge-worthy and exciting to watch.

Where to Stream Netflix
Age Rating TV-14
Notable Actors in the Show Michael Rapaport
Seasons & Episodes 3 seasons and 28 episodes
Favorite Episode Searching for Brown Sugar Man

6. Bojack Horseman

Now a huge forewarning on this show is that it is heavily filled with darker humor. The show Bojack Horseman follows the main character of the same name who is a washed-up actor. Throughout the series, Bojack [Will Arnett] is haunted by his past and his decisions. As he recovers from being an alcoholic and depressed, Bojack tries to write a memoir to make himself relevant again with the help of ghostwriter Diane Nuygen [Alison Brie]. Something special about this show is an adult cartoon, like Archer. I do not see many of those that grow to be popular, so it makes it more appealing to me. This show is definitely for those with a darker sense of humor [and plots based around it] and a fan of adult cartoons. 

Where to Stream Netflix
Age Rating TV-MA
Notable Actors in the Show Will Arnett, Paul F. Tompkins 
Seasons & Episodes 6 seasons and 77 episodes
Favorite Episode The View From Halfway Down

5. Bob’s Burgers

Another binge-worthy adult cartoon is Bob’s Burgers. The show follows the Belcher family and their struggling burger restaurant. While Bob [H. John Benjamin] and Linda [John Roberts] struggle to run the restaurant, the kids help out and attend school where most of their troubles and fun happen. Each episode follows a new plotline so this is a good show for people who need background noise or something to fall asleep to. The humor in the show matches that of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Community. If you find yourself enjoying those shows then Bob’s Burgers is for you, too.

Where to Stream Hulu
Age Rating TV-14
Notable Actors in the Show H. John Benjamin, Kristen Schaal
Seasons & Episodes 10 seasons and 189 episodes
Favorite Episode Tinarannosaurus Wrecks

4. Dexter

If serial killers are interesting to you then this show is for you. Dexter Morgan [Michael C. Hall] is a blood-spatter analyst and undercover serial killer. But there is a catch. He only kills criminals who escaped through loopholes in the law. Alongside officers, like his sister Debra [Jennifer Carpenter], he leads a “normal” life in the Miami Metro Police Department. However, he is starting to struggle with juggling his double-life. Throughout the series, each season is based on a new overarching serial killer that Miami Metro is working to take down while Dexter struggles with smaller criminals and his “dark passenger.” Dexter is a binge-worthy drama for those infatuated with serial killers and crime shows. With each episode ranging around 45-minutes, there is plenty to binge. 

Where to Stream Netflix
Age Rating TV-MA
Notable Actors in the Show Michael C. Hall, Desmond Harrington
Seasons & Episodes 8 seasons and 96 episodes
Favorite Episode The Getaway

3. The Handmaid’s Tale

In our society today dystopian novels and shows are all the rage. Based on the 1985 dystopian novel of the same name The Handmaid’s Tale is a show written like no other. In a world where fertility rates have plummeted, women have become handmaids in order to give infertile women babies. June [Elisabeth Moss] has been assigned to the Waterfords and throughout the show has flashbacks of becoming a handmaid. However,  in the Waterford household, June discovers Mayday, which is a group that are trying to end the madness or escape America. June soon discovers she can either play life safe as a handmaid or be rebellious and save herself and others. The Handmaid’s Tale is such a well-written drama that makes you come back for more with each season. Episodes are around 45-minutes so there is plenty to watch until the release of season four in the fall.

Where to Stream Hulu
Age Rating TV-MA
Notable Actors in the Show Elisabeth Moss, Yvonne Strahovski, Alexis Bledel
Seasons & Episodes 3 seasons and 36 episodes
Favorite Episode Postpartum

2. Brooklyn 99

If The Office is your type of show then let me introduce you to its police counterpart Brooklyn 99. Jake Peralta [Andy Samberg] is a carefree cop who does whatever he pleases to solve cases in the precinct. But that all comes to a halt when they get a new captain named Raymond Holt [Andre Braugher]. Holt tests Peralta in every way possible to become a better cop and better the precinct. This workplace comedy should be a binge-worthy favorite for all due to its resemblance to The Office. New episodes release every Thursday so there is plenty to watch during this pandemic. 

Where to Stream Hulu
Age Rating TV-14
Notable Actors in the Show Andy Samberg, Terry Crews
Seasons & Episodes 7 seasons and 137 episodes
Favorite Episode Ding Dong
  1. That 70’s Show

How about we kick it back to the 70s for this final pick. That 70’s Show steps into Eric Foreman’s [Topher Grace] basement and opens the audience up to the typical teenage life in the 70s. This show is filled with tons of innuendos that will make you laugh for days. Characters like Hyde [Danny Masterson] really bring the show to life with the classic 70s hating the government feeling. That 70’s Show is all around amazing. The writing of this show and the character development is immaculate.

Where to Stream Netflix
Age Rating TV-14
Notable Actors in the Show Danny Masterson, Topher Grace, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Tommy Chong
Seasons & Episodes 8 seasons and 200 episodes
Favorite Episode Hot Dog


812 Pizza Co. proves to be a delight

Story by Destiny Braid and Madelyn Smith

812 Pizza Co. in Georgetown, is Indiana’s hidden Italian gem. Of course, with any new restaurant, we had to test it.

Walking in, all of our attention was on the rows of lights along the entirety of the ceiling. The restaurant was one huge room filled with tables and booths, surrounded by walls of artsy pictures and posters of pizza and one of an old school phone highlighting the numbers “812.”

Our plan of action was to choose and taste one item from each group of food.

    For starters, we rated our appetizer 8/10. We chose the parmesan bread bites, described as “Fried dough tossed in garlic butter and parmesan cheese with marinara.” The dish comes out in a wide rimmed bowl, little bread bites tower atop one another, brushed with garlic butter that dripped down the sides. Each bite tasted exactly as described, and they were crunchy yet soft. Paired with the marinara they were salty whilst sweet at the same time. The only deduction came from the slightly excessive butter brushed over top and into the bowl, nonetheless it was a pretty solid dish, priced at 6 dollars. 

Pasta was next, and we got the five cheese manicotti, introduced as, “Ricotta cheese blend rolled into pasta and topped with marinara sauce.” Now we had never heard of or tried “manicotti” before, so we had no idea what to expect. What we got was nothing short of perfect. Rated a 10/10, the manicotti was basically like ravioli, cheese filling inside of pasta, but it was different because it was rolled into the pasta almost resembling a cannoli [which we were determined to taste that Saturday afternoon]. The pasta was paired with a slice of garlic bread that we did not particularly enjoy, but it did not at all take away from the main part of the exemplary dish priced at 11 dollars.

Now kids, we love them, but it is always expected that some of them are quite the picky eaters. We chose a more “traditional” kids’ dish from the menu to try, something most children would not say no to. Chicken tenders and fries, of course. A pretty simple entrée, but not any less tasty. The chicken was a delight, moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside. The fries too, were very well cooked and seasoned, overall this dish was a solid 10/10, and priced at 6 dollars.

Considering “pizza” is in the name of this fine restaurant, we also thought it necessary to try one of their specialties. We went with a 14 inch “Tim’s White Pizza” coincidentally named after the proud owner of 812. The pizza is topped with alfredo sauce, roasted chicken, red onion, mushroom, smoked bacon, whole milk mozzarella, and smoked gouda cheese. Rated a 9/10, the pizza tasted wonderful, it was baked crisp on the edges and softer towards the middle, each different flavor complimented the others nicely. The chicken was a tad on the dry side but in spite of that, the pizza was a delectable dish coming in at 15 dollars for the 14” medium and 26 dollars for the 20” large.

    We also got a kids’ pepperoni pizza to see how it would come out. Priced at 6 dollars, this pizza was a very good decision. If anyone is an avid cheese lover, they would love the kids’ pizza here because it is loaded with it. The mini pepperonis were an adorable addition to the modest little pie. We rated it an 8/10.

    Finally, we have arrived at dessert. There was but one listed on 812’s menu, and that is the classic italian cannoli. “A crispy pastry tube, sweet creamy ricotta blend, chocolate chips, powdered sugar and chocolate sauce.” We could not wait to give it a taste. It came out looking like it was straight out of a Food Network magazine. The cannoli, rated 10/10, priced at 3 dollars and 25 cents, was fit for a king. The crunchy pastry was tastefully offset by the fluffy cream filling, the chocolate sauce drizzled neatly over top was a nice contrast in flavor. It was one of the best dishes of the day.

    Each dish that we were served was amazing, they surprised us more and more each time. With the youthful and fun atmosphere of the building, paired with the wonderful food, no matter what your plan of action is, or if you have one at all, you can never go wrong at 812 Pizza Co.


Atmosphere 98
Service  100%
Food  98%
Pricing 99%
Overall Experience 98.75%   A+


The Office: TV versus reality

Story by Claire Furmall

“Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way.” This quote from the prominent TV show The Office was said by Michael Scott. 

Recently, I got the honor of attending The Office Parody at The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts. Let me just say: It was amazing! I felt that the characters very much resembled the characters in the show. In addition, the director picked many diverse, famous scenes so that it would seem as though it were really coming to life. 

Coincidentally, after speaking with some of The Office fans that attended, they felt the same as I did. 

One audience member said, “I feel like, given that it’s supposed to be a parody, they pulled a lot of the favorite lines and scenes.” 

Another said that if it was rated from a 1-10, she would give it an 8. 

On the other hand, there were some negative aspects of the parody. For one, the Michael Scott character was played by a woman. 

Before I first arrived at the play, I had already grown suspicious if Michael would be as funny in the play as the TV show because his role was being filled by a woman. Not to my surprise, Michael Scott was not as funny as the television show. 

In the play, Michael was very overly dramatic and he did not seem as “clueless” as the Michael on the show (played by actor Steve Carrell). If Michael had been a man I feel that he could have portrayed the character as if he were in the show. 

The Office Parody was about 2 hours and 15 minutes. There was approximately a 10-minute intermission and during that time they played different varieties of music. The ticket cost for a regular “in the audience” seat was $30.

 I highly recommend attending this play. There were many comical scenes, the characters related very well to the show, and they included many of the famous scenes to appear like it was the real thing. 

After all, as Michael Scott says, “It takes an advanced sense of humor. I don’t expect everybody to understand.” 


The Office Parody:

  • The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts
  • Grade: A
  • Ticket price: $30
  • Approximate time: 2 hours and 15 minutes