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Floyd Central Basketball v Corydon

Photos by Taylor Watt

Rage on the Stage Photos

By Taylor Watt

Senior Dinner Dance provides the chance to celebrate on Jan. 14

By Sophie Howie

On Jan. 14, seniors will have a night all to themselves to celebrate their four years of hard work at the Olmstead. After a sit-down dinner, they can dance the night away and take their minds off of the stresses of the first semester.

Faye Eades is one of many parents working on the plans for the Senior Dinner Dance. Eades said that after senior week was emitted, she thought of the idea as an alternative and offered it to principal Rob Willman. The rest is history.

“I do not have a student who is a senior this year. This was one of the events that seniors looked forward to and I was somewhat disappointed when students came over and saw a lack of opportunities for dances and schools events. When senior week was reduced, I had a few different ideas, and this was one of them.  He said that this might be a good option for that, and that this could be another event that seniors could look forward to,” said Eades.

Ever since, Eades has been working hard to help coordinate the big night. So far, they have decided on a basic plan of action and a menu for the dinner portion of the night. While some plans are set in stone, there are still ideas up in the air that she’s been helping make a decision on, so there is still plenty of work to be done.

“The plans are to arrive at 7, then we will have registration at that time, and after that we will sit down at round tables that seat ten students, and you all will be served a sit down dinner including bread, salad, soda, a chicken dish, a vegetarian option, and dessert. After dinner is over, there will be a time for dancing.”

Eades says that the reasoning behind the plans for a senior dinner dance became a much more desirable idea when the school’s 50th anniversary was taken into account as a prime year to start an annual event such as this one.

“I would love to get this to be a tradition. It is the fiftieth year of Floyd central, so it’s a great year to start a new tradition. This is going to be a fun night, it doesn’t require a date, and this is a complete meal and a great night of dancing.”

The recurring concern about dates was an important point for Eades to clear up. She says that while seniors are sure to bring dates along, it is by no means expected of them.

“Dates are not necessary. If you don’t want to take a date, we definitely still want groups of kids to come and enjoy the night together. This may be a misunderstanding.”

Another common misunderstanding is the dress code for the night. The dress is formal, but not as formal as a prom or homecoming would require. Eades says to think of it as your Sunday best, or senior presentation attire. She made a point of saying that this is not something where you have to go out and spend a lot of money, just look presentable and classy.

As the ticking clock gets us closer and closer to the senior dinner dance, Eades urges seniors to take a chance and sign up. Even if you do not typically go to these events, she says that it’s well worth it due to the memories seniors are sure to make.

“It is an opportunity that all of you will be together as seniors,” said Eades. Everybody is so busy that it is harder and harder to get together and these are the kids you’ve been with since elementary school. You have a semester left, and hopefully this is something you can look back on and remember.

“Take the chance to come this night. Don’t overthink it, don’t think it’s this grandiose thing where you won’t fit in. It is just a fun night to be together and enjoy classmates and have a great time.”


Column: Five things to do or watch this holiday break

By JD McKay

1- Go to a hockey game
I love hockey and watching hockey game live at the arena is my favorite way to watch any sport. Indiana is home to three Minor League hockey teams, the Indiana Fuel at the Indiana Farmers Coliseum, the Evansville Thunderbolts at the Ford Center, or the Fort Wayne Komets at the Taxslayer Center. They all have three home games. The cheapest tickets are $12 at Evansville. If you want an NHL experience you can go to Chicago, St. Louis, Nashville, or Columbus, but tickets are about $65 for standing room only.

2- NBA Christmas
Normally I try to avoid watching the NBA, but Cavs vs Warriors. Need I say more?

3- College Football Playoff
Any football fan who has any memory from the past two Alabama vs Clemson games should need this, but if you somehow lost your memory, here is what you forgot. Nine points separating them in both games, one kick return touchdown, two Sports Illustrated covers, two different national champions, and one second left when Hunter Renfrow caught the game winner. Plus, we get to see if defenses still win championships in the Rose Bowl between Georgia (great defense) and Oklahoma (great offense) to determine who will play the winner of Bama vs Clemson in the national championship.

4- U of L vs UK
This pick doesn’t need much explaining. It’ll have been a year since UK last beat U of L in the big two sports, and Rupp Arena will be rowdy. On December 29, nearly any sports fan in the Kentuckiana area will be tuned in to this one. Unfortunately, this struggling U of L team probably won’t make the game close.

5- Indiana Hall of Fame Classic (FC vs Bloomington South)
Floyd enters ranked fifth in the state and undefeated. Bloomington South enters having one loss to New Albany by 12 points at home and ranked ninth. I expect Floyd to win again and move up one spot. The game is on December 30, at New Castle FieldHouse. Tickets are $20 at the door, but that is for four games. You can preorder tickets online for $10 at or from athletic director Jeff Cerqueira.