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Theatre Department announces fall production of ‘Newsies the Musical’

By Aubrey Hertle

Throngs of students, teachers, and reporters crowded into Studio One at 3 p.m. on Tuesday evening, eagerly awaiting the news from Theatre Director Robbie Steiner. He wrote in an email that is was “A pretty big deal regarding the theatre department.” Going into it nobody had an inkling of an idea what this tidbit of news was going to be. The energy in the room was anxious and excited.

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Review: Theatre Department puts on ‘Into the Woods Jr.’

By Aubrey Hertle & Photos by Shelby Pennington

On Jan. 18, I had the pleasure of attending an FC theater production of Into the Woods Jr.  The musical was produced by the musical theatre class here at FC. It was originally performed on an elementary school tour, but they had two special showings of it on Wednesday evening.

Into the Woods is a musical about a baker (junior Jordan Burger) and his wife (sophomore Elizabeth Hallal), who desperately want a child but are incapable of conceiving one. They are visited by an evil witch (seniors Sarah Dennison and Brooklyn Ivey), who demand  they head into the woods and bring her four items to lift the curse over them, which she had put on the baker’s father for stealing from her garden. These items include a cow as white as milk, hair as yellow as corn, a cape as red as blood, and shoes as pure as gold. In the quest to find these items, we get to meet characters from many other fairy tales who have their own agendas but often run into the baker and his wife in the woods.

Despite minimal props and costumes, the musical really was a sight to see.  The cast was able to keep the audience engaged and interested through the duration of the hour-long play. I really enjoyed the plot and characters. The musical numbers were beautifully executed, and the cast was enthusiastic about the material they were performing.

The musical had virtually no set. The story was completely conveyed through props and acting. The trees were actors, and the scenery was purely up to the audience to imagine. The characters were beautifully portrayed and hilarious to watch (my personal favorite being Rapunzel, played by junior Mitchell Lewis).

My mother, Rebecca Hertle, is a fourth-grade teacher at Floyds Knobs Elementary School and she loved seeing the performance and the kids really did too. I sincerely hope that this is a worthwhile tradition that the FC theatre will continue to do for years to come.