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Chess team prepares for future tournament

By Michael Pepin

Every Monday and Tuesday after school, the members of the chess team hone their skills with the other members of the chess team week after week.

“We come every week so that we can play chess and practice for the tournament at the end of the season.  I like chess because it is a game that is not dependent on luck or chance; everything that happens is entirely on you, so success is greater because you know it wasn’t all hinged on the roll of a die or a card,” said senior Brian Young.

Young has been a member of the chess team ever since his freshman year, and has worked his way over the years to his place as first board of the chess team.

The scholastic tournament is the driving force for many of the members of the chess team, as it is an opportunity to put to use all the strategies and skills they have acquired over the past year with the chess team.

“We hope to win the tournament at the end of the year, where we play against a bunch of other students.  It is one of our top goals to win the tournament,” said junior Sam Glesing, who has been a member of the team for three years.

The chess tournament is between 20 different chess teams, as they battle for the title.

“It consists of five rounds and is held on two afternoons.  Each player has to play the clock and is given one hour for each game.  It is held in Atherton High School,” said German teacher and chess team sponsor Noel McRae.

Many members look up to past club members such as FC alumnus Chris Harbeson, who is considered one of the best players to compete on the chess team.

“I want to become a better tactician in chess through the chess team.  The team this year lacks the skill that one of its senior members, Chris, possessed, but there is a lot of potential with many members and we are almost on his skill level,” said Glesing.

Though the current chess team is competent, McRae said they will need hard work to attain their first place goal.

“The current team is in a good position to place second in their division. While the team is pretty good this year, players need to study the game to become outstanding, and I have a few players now who are willing to invest the time and effort needed to truly advance their game.  Players always get to a point where merely playing will cease to improve their game.  They’ll need to study the games of professional players, to get insight on truly effective strategy,” said McRae.

‘The Avengers’ are heroic in students’ eyes

By Alyssa Book
The Avengers is a Marvel movie that centers around some of the most famous heroes, including  Captain America, Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Thor, who all come together to defeat Thor’s brother, Loki. The movie centers around comic book mayhem and was in 3D to help intensify the action.With all the excitement surrounding this new Marvel installment, FC students joined in the fun, incorporating superheroes in the academic pep rally and some even going to the midnight showing of the film.Senior Erica Mohler went into the premier with low expectations because she does not particularly enjoy superhero movies. Coming out of the theater, though, she left with a different perspective.“I loved it. I wasn’t expecting to laugh, but it was hilarious. So often in superhero movies the hero is just “the hero,” but this movie did a great job of bringing out the heroes differences and made them more human. It showed their imperfections. It exceeded my expectations.”Junior Bryson Koch thought the movie was awesome and the best he has seen in a long time. He liked how the movie displayed every character. Koch’s favorite superhero was Iron Man because of his suit and flying abilities.

With all of the praise and the ticket sales to show the movie was a success, people are left wondering if the Avengers will be coming back to the silver screen.

Koch thinks it is inevitable that there will be a sequel.

“With box offices sales off the charts it would be stupid to not make a second movie. The effects in the first were great and the second would be even better.”

Junior Gordon Heltzel went to the midnight showing and loved the effects and the plot line. Heltzel also commented on the characters having human qualities.

“I liked how the movie showed each character’s flaws and special abilities.”

The Avengers made students come back to the comic book hysteria that once came with the Spiderman and Batman installments. Surely, the sequel will be hitting theaters sooner than some expect, to keep up the hero madness that is sweeping across America.

The Avengers was really entertaining and lived up to everyone’s expectations. There has to be another one soon. It’s like lays chips, you can’t have just one,” said Heltzel.

Geraghty’s sports bucket list

By Luke Geraghty

As a sports fan, I have been to many sporting events. From college basketball to the NBA and from peewee football to the NFL, I have seen the excitement that sports has to offer. However, there are many things that I still have on my sports bucket list I have not done yet. I narrowed my long list to the top five places and events I would like to visit.

#5: The Rose Bowl

Opening in 1902, the Rose Bowl is one of the most historic college football stadiums in the U.S. Its Pasadena setting gives a beautiful background to an already beautiful stadium. Fans from all across the country come to watch the bowl game which features the Big Ten and Pac-12 champions. Because of this, it has been the highest attended bowl game since 1945. The great setting and tradition of the Rose Bowl makes it one of the best sporting venues in the U.S.

#4: Phog Allen Fieldhouse

One of the most historic places in college basketball, Phog Allen Fieldhouse is a nightmare for the visiting team. Since Feb. 20, 1994, Kansas has won over 95 percent of its regular season home games. Their home court was recognized as being the loudest college basketball arena in the country by ESPN magazine in 2010. Around 5,000 of the 16,000 seat arena is dedicated to the students. With a lot of the other seats bought by season ticket holders, it makes attending the games very difficult.

#3: The FIFA World Cup

The Olympics are supposed to be biggest sporting event around the world, but the FIFA World Cup might be an exception. People all across the world tune in to watch this extravaganza. Countries put aside their problems just to cheer on their team all the way to the FIFA World Cup Final. Stadiums are filled with people from all across the world. From the Americas to Asia, all of the cultures unite in one place. The U.S. last hosted a world cup in 1994 so they are not exactly due to receive one in the near future.

#2: Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is constantly one of the most watched events every year. The top two teams in arguably the most popular sports league give the people plenty of reason to watch the this incredible event every year. However, attending the Super Bowl can be very expensive. It is practically impossible to purchase a ticket less then $1,000 in less you win it in some competition. This can make it hard for the casual fan to a purchase a ticket, but if you are willing to make it your vacation for the year then it could work out.

#1 Fenway Park

Home of the Boston Red Sox, my favorite Major League Baseball team, Fenway Park might be the most unique sports venue in America. From the green monster to Pesky’s Pole, this park has a great history. Fenway Park opened in 1912, making it the oldest ballpark in the MLB. Much like the other places on the list, attending a game at Fenway Park is very difficult. Fenway Park is one of the smallest ballparks in the MLB and with a large fan base, it’s hard to find an available ticket. Quite possibly the biggest regular season game in Red Sox history will take place on April 20. This will be the day that the Red Sox celebrate Fenway’s 100th anniversary. Something tells me it is not a coincidence that the team they will be playing are their arch rivals, the New York Yankees.

Each of these places brings a great tradition that draws attention of avid sports fan like me and even though they all will be difficult to attend, I will refuse to cross them off my list.

FC Football faces Jennings County tomorrow night

Tomorrow night, the varsity football team will be playing its final regular season home game against Jennings County. The game will be especially important for the seniors because it is Senior Night.

“It’s a big night because us seniors will be playing our last regular season home game,” said senior James Barlow. “Hopefully we’ll be back at home for sectionals.”

FC will be going into the game with a 5-1 record, with their only loss coming to the hands of Columbus East two weeks ago. Despite the loss, the Highlanders still feel confident they can make a run.

“Our coaching staff pushes us to the best we can be everyday,” senior Jason VanBuren.

Jennings County comes into the game with a record of 5-2. With the records similar, VanBuren thinks the game will be a challenge.

“They have a power running game, so they’ll match up well against us,” VanBuren said.

Both Barlow and VanBuren have remembered many memories while playing football for FC. Barlow said his favorite memory was playing New Albany twice during 2010 in which the Highlanders came from behind and won by one point in both games. VanBuren remembers when the team won the sectional title against Castle in 2009.

Tomorrow night’s game will begin 7 p.m. at FC.

Varsity volleyball prepares for Assumption, Jeff this week

By Luke Geraghty

The varsity volleyball team has been working hard all week in preparation for the doubleheader matches on Wed. and Thur. against Assumption and Jeffersonville. The squad is going into these matches with a record of 14-6, in which four of the six losses have been against Top 50 teams in the country. Head coach Bart Powell said his team needs to fix a certain area in order to get ready for the matches coming up.“We’ve been hard on our serve reception regardless of what opponent we play,” Powell said.

Despite some tough losses, Powell said some of the high points to this season have been beating Seymour and winning the Jeff. Invitational.

FC’s first match will be on Wed. against Assumption, which is ranked number three in the nation. Senior Kyndall Merrit said they have great defense and size. Coach Powell talked about the keys to Assumption’s success.

“Their kids start playing around kindergarten,” Powell said. “They play volleyball year-round and they have a great coaching staff.”

Thurs.’s match will be against Jeff and although they have struggled in the past, Powell thinks they have the potential to be good.

“They have a coach that has put in a lot of time and effort in making them better and he has made them better,” Powell said.

Senior Rachel Engle said playing these two matches can help the team gain confidence. The Assumption match is set for 7:30 p.m. at Assumption, while the Jeff match is also set for 7:30 p.m. at FC.