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NJROTC returns to Pekin to aid tornado victims

By Jessica McNally

This Wednesday, April 11, FC and Lanesville NJROTC teamed up with New Albany NJROTC to help clean the debris out of two more fields in Pekin. Farmers around the area need help to clean debris out of their fields in order for them to be able to plant their crops.

These farmers are some of many that were affected by the EF4 tornado that came through on March 2. Cadets lined up, stretched across the field and searched for debris, including: roof tiles, photographs, jewelry, fiberglass, branches and more.

Senior Marissa Samons, the cadet company commander of FC and Lanesville NJROTC, led her company, and NA senior Brandon Reardon, the cadet company commander of NA NJROTC, led his company in their march through the fields.

“The trip was very successful because we accomplished what we went there to do. People needed our help and we were there for them. They appreciated what we did to help them,” said Samons.

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