Boys’ basketball begins tonight

Photo by Brock Kennedy

Story by Luke Vick, Addy Banet, and Zoe Nowling

With the fall season in full swing, FC students patiently wait for the first tip-off of the 2019-20 basketball season tonight.

This year, like others, marks an unknown outcome. But junior guard Jake Heidbreder said that the team has a high potential this season.

 “In my eyes, I think this team has a ton of potential. If everything runs according to plan, we should have a great season,” said Heidbreder.

Senior power forward and center Grant Gohmann has had a challenging career that has made him a more persistent and determined individual on and off the court. Gohmann’s determination and faith in his team is what ultimately drives his play. 

“Any game on any given night, though, we could beat any team that walks in the gym,” said Gohmann. Gohmann has a fierce confidence in himself as well as his coach and team.

As far as a future for his career goes, Gohmann has applied for multiple colleges, including Hanover College and University of Chicago, and they each have a spot. With this in mind and a potential scholarship in his pocket, Gohmann is not going to show any signs of slowing down. 

Some of the biggest supporters of the team are the parents, including Gohmann’s mother, science teacher Jennifer Gohmann.

“It’s always fun to watch your children perform,” said Jennifer. Like Jennifer, a lot of parents and coaches are excited for this upcoming season.

“I’m looking forward to being the underdog at sectionals because I think we have the ability to win and surprise people,” she said.

For head coach Todd Sturgeon this ability to win will come from his team’s desire to work hard and get to a high level of play.

With his team’s recent success in previous seasons, he is looking forward to working harder and pushing further into the postseason.

“I’d say in general we are coming off back-to-back conference championships, and I’m sure the guys would like to keep the tradition going,’’ said Sturgeon.

One challenge he has faced as coach is the competitiveness of the other teams and how difficult the competition is getting during the regular and postseason. With this pressure his team is looking to perform 

Student fans are also as excited for this year’s basketball season. “This year I look forward to watching our basketball team with my friends to support our school,” said freshman Emily Cook.

While the students are filled with excitement, they are also filled with hope for the outcome of this season. 


Christian Academy

Christian Academy


Evansville Harrison

Floyd Central High School



Clarksville High School



Floyd Central High School


New Albany

Floyd Central High School



Floyd Central High School



Providence High School


Bloomington South

Floyd Central High School


Meade County

Floyd Central High School



Ballard High School


Corydon Central

Floyd Central High School



Floyd Central High School


North Harrison

North Harrison High School


Jennings County

Floyd Central High School



Madison High School



Seymour High School


F.J. Reitz

Floyd Central High School


Bedford North Lawrence

Bedford North Lawrence High School


Silver Creek

Silver Creek High School


New Washington

Floyd Central High School


Brownstown Central

Floyd Central High School


Bloomington North

Floyd Central High School


Columbus East

Floyd Central High School


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