5 things to do or watch over Christmas break

By J.D. McKay

College Football Playoff, Dec. 29

These games are what the college football world waits for the entire season. Third-ranked Notre Dame plays second-ranked Clemson at 4 p.m., and fourth-ranked Oklahoma plays first-ranked Alabama at 8 p.m. The winner of these games will face off in the College Football Playoff National Championship on Jan. 7. The winners will be Clemson in a close game and Alabama in a blowout.

Wrestling Rage on the Stage, Dec. 20

Wrestling is a sport that does not get very high attendance, but Rage on the Stage normally draws a crowd and makes wrestling more interesting. Rage on the Stage is a wrestling meet held on the stage in the auditorium. The light and sound systems are also used to create a very unique experience for a wrestling event.

U of L vs UK, Dec. 29

This game is always meaningful to people in the Kentuckiana. It hurts me to say this, but UK will probably thump U of L for the second straight year. It will also be the third consecutive time that U of L loses to UK in football and basketball.

Hockey game

I have written several times about why you should go to a hockey game, and I will do it once again today. Hockey is the best sport to watch live and you can watch hockey almost anywhere you travel to over the break. Evansville, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati all have minor league teams that you can pay $10 to get in. If you are going to a bigger city like St. Louis, Nashville, Columbus, or Chicago you could watch a NHL game. However, those cost much more than a minor league hockey game.

Colts vs Titans, Dec. 30

Even before the playoffs, some games are win or go home. This game will be a win or go home game for the Colts. If they win, they should be the sixth seed and go into the playoff having won nine of the last ten. If they lose, they will be out of playoff contention and the Titans could slide in as the sixth seed.

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