Bowling team rolls toward post-season

By Meg Edwards

As they tie their shoes and polish their bowling balls, the lanes light up and everyone prepares to bowl. Whether it be competition or just for practice, The FC bowling team works and plays hard day in and day out.

“We try our best every day and it’s a lot of fun to participate in. It’s really a fun, relaxing team to be a part of,” said junior Drew Cromwell, “The team dynamic is amazing and we all are really just here to have a good time.”

  The team is relatively new to FC, having only been around for four years, but with each new season, the team grows more and more. Athletes from every grade participate on the JV and varsity teams. As seniors leave each year after graduation, each season begins with freshman ready and excited to join in on this winter club.

“Even though I’m new this year, being a freshman and all, everyone gets along and makes you feel like a part of the team,” said freshman Zac Hutslar. “I love coming to practice and being able to spend time with my friends.”

  The diversity in the team helps show how inclusive and welcoming the bowling team is. Athletes from all grades and the co-ed team have helped draw in more participants to their growing group. Junior Florencia Hilburn said, “It’s really fun to be on a team where boys and girls get to play and be involved. They make everyone feel welcome and make fairness a point.”

  So far in the 2018-2019 season, FC has been the one of the top schools, placing well among the others. The past few years, they have created a reputation of being a team to beat among competitors. They face schools near and far around southern Indiana and those in their conference, but really winning isn’t the reason they play.

“We go against so many teams and we bowl our best, but really we’re just their to have fun. As long as everyone is involved and we all have a good time, it’s a successful meet,” said Cromwell.

  With all of these meets and the hardships of the sport itself, the FC bowling team; however, is technically not seen as on official IHSAA sport. Through their best efforts, all members continue to press on and get the team solidified as more than just another club.

“I’d love for all our hard work and dedication to this sport to be recognized. Bowling is not easy and as a whole, we all believe our team is just like any other official sports team,” said senior Dalton Lees “We work hard, play hard, and represent FC with pride.”

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