Louisville Cardinals football looking for new head coach

By J.D. McKay

Sunday morning the University of Louisville made the decision we all knew was coming: head football coach Bobby Petrino was fired. The obvious choice right now is Jeff Brohm, and I will explain why. But if he stays at Purdue I will predict the next three prospects.

Jeff Brohm (Head Coach, Purdue)

Jeff Brohm is the coach that almost every Louisville fan wants. He went to high school at Trinity, then played quarterback at Louisville. He coached for the Louisville Fire, an arena football team, then at Louisville, Florida Atlantic, Illinois, and the University of Alabama Birmingham as an assistant coach. Finally, in 2014, he took his first head coaching job at Western Kentucky, getting the job after Bobby Petrino took the job at Louisville. Now, four years later he has taken the college football world by storm. He has been to a bowl game every year as a head coach and is undefeated in all four bowl games. This year, he showed his value after beating Ohio State 49-20 and going undefeated against ranked teams. The only downside is Louisville would have to pay Purdue 3.3 million dollars on top of the 14 million dollars they are paying Petrino after firing him before his contract ended. The move makes sense for Brohm, because he gets to come back to home, and the move makes sense for Louisville because he is an up-and-coming head coach.

Luke Fickell (Head Coach, Cincinnati)

Luke Fickell has no connection but he is known for his defense and someone who could coach and recruit a good defense, which is something Louisville needs badly. Louisville has given up just under 47 points per game this season. In 2016, Cincinnati was giving up almost 27 points per game, but two years later his defense is giving up just under 15 points per game. His defensive mind might be just what Louisville needs.

Ryan Day (Offensive Coordinator, Ohio State)

Ryan Day runs one of the nation’s most dangerous offense at Ohio State. He also showed that he could be a head coach when Urban Meyer was suspended for three weeks to start the season, going undefeated against TCU who was ranked 15, and scoring an average of 56 points per game over that three game span.

Charlie Strong (Head Coach, South Florida)

Charlie Strong has already coached at Louisville and been successful. The fans also seemed to like him and he was just a good guy, which is something Louisville could use right now after the scandals. The move would also be a step up for Strong, who is currently the head coach for USF.

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