Football to play Providence Friday night at home

Photo by Sophia Perigo

By J.D. McKay

This Friday FC is playing Providence in what has been an uneven matchup the past few years. The last time we lost to Providence was 2012, and since then we have outscored them 221 to 84. This year will see a similar outcome to the past few years, but three things will need to happen.

First, we need to control the turnovers. This can go for every game, but especially when the two teams have such different levels of talent. Turning the ball over a few times can give them momentum and confidence that eventually helps them beat the better team. Senior running back Tyler Edwards should do a terrific job of holding onto the ball,and defensive backs junior Calvin Brown and senior Miles Frazier have good hands and could force a pick Friday night.

Next is the offensive line. The offensive line has struggled to adjust to the new play book introduced by head coach James Bragg. If they can come out hard and fast and not think about what to do on a play, they will play well and dominate Providence’s defensive line. If they play well, they could build on that confidence and push it into the coming weeks.

Lastly, the defense will need to control Providence running back Kaden Williams. Williams is a fast running back who has given some teams fits in the past few years, rushing for over 2000 combined yards in the last two years. However, we have controlled him the past two years, holding him to 22 and 39 yards respectively, according to Max Preps. I expect we will shut him down again this year and will not rush for more than 50 yards.

Bottom Line- Last year we dominated Providence in every part of the game, and I expect the same to happen this year. Edwards will score four rushing touchdowns and push us past our rivals. Score: FC 55- Providence 12


Name Keys to success Who needs to have the biggest offensive impact Who needs to have the biggest defensive impact
Head Coach James Bragg Execute and stay on blocks Offensive line Linebackers
Me Stay on blocks Full Backs Linebackers

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