Previewing the NFL, College, and FC’s season

By JD McKay

We are into the most exciting part of the football season. NFL preseason and NCAA Football preseason rankings. The time of year where the uneducated fans make their uneducated predictions that always seem to end up correct, and the time where the educated watcher/ ESPN employee ends up so far from correct you wonder if they were looking at the same teams you were.

This year will be the end of Tom Brady’s reign of terror in the NFL. But that will come at a cost to us Patriot haters, winning his sixth Super Bowl. His last season will be similar to Peyton Manning’s; he will miss several games because of small injuries but finally find his groove in the playoffs. Eventually beating the Drew Brees-led Saints in the Super Bowl.

The Colts and Patriots will be the AFC Wildcard teams, and the division winners will be the Bills, Steelers, Jaguars, and Chargers. Eventually, the Patriots and Steelers will face off in the AFC championship with the Patriots winning.

The NFC Wildcard teams will be the 49ers and Bears. The division winners will be the Packers, Giants, Saints, and Rams. The Saints and Giants will play in the NFC Championship game; the Saints will win.
The NFL MVP will be Brees, Rookie of the Year will be running back Saquon Barkley, and Comeback player of the year will be quarterback Andrew Luck.

The College Football Playoff will see two familiar teams this year, Alabama and Clemson, and two new teams this year, Wisconsin and Notre Dame. Notre Dame will get in as the four seed after going undefeated, but not having a conference championship will push them down. They will play and lose to Alabama, the one seed who also went undefeated. Wisconsin will get in as a three seed. They will win every game except for Nov. 17, when they play Purdue on the road. They will beat the one-loss Clemson team. The championship will feature a ferocious defensive line (Bama) versus a big and powerful offensive line (Wisconsin). That results in another Alabama championship.

The first two teams out of the playoff will be Washington and Georgia. The Heisman trophy winner will be running back Jonathan Taylor from Wisconsin.  

Floyd Central football is set to have another season. New head coach James Bragg has brought a new attitude and new standards to the locker room. Their toughest games will be against Columbus East on Sept. 21, and this Friday against Male at home. The team should beat Providence (Aug. 24), and New Albany (Oct. 12). Jeffersonville will be another tough game against former FC head coach Brian Glesing, who coached FC last year. That game is Sept. 14.

We are getting into one of the best times of the sports year, so make sure you get your football watching in before it is gone. The season always seems to go too fast.

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