Social media rapidly expands from previous decade

By Madison Fuson

The internet all the way up from the 90s has changed, there is no doubt about it. As time went on, our possibilities of which platform we stand on has ranged to endless. The first modern social media platform arrived in May 1996 called Six Degrees, created by Andrew Weinreich. As creators like Weinreich got the social media platforms set in their head, more varied networks came to life.

Major platforms we use today, like Google, Yahoo! and Amazon, began surfacing up in the 90s. The social media and sites we use today may still be around from back then or have slipped from our lives but still linger.

As time went on, those around for the 90s were able to see more networks pop around as the 2000s came. Sites like Habbo, Friendster, MySpace, Facebook and YouTube formed in the early 2000s.

Sites today are accessible through gadgets of different varieties, making the chart numbers rise from the palm of our hands. In the 1990s, the internet access was more limited than today. Now, we have smart phones that can act as a computer on the go.

With the access of these sites and the number of devices, accounts and views of these sites can travel in the millions. A site of such popularity that has grown in numbers is Facebook, made in 2004. It has grown into a worldwide network with 2.072 billion active users and 1.66 billion mobile users. Another site with a booming popularity for mobile and computer usage is YouTube. YouTube, formed in 2005, now has 1.57 billion active users per month and 500 million active mobile users per month. On December 1995, there were 16 million users online, but on December 2017, over 4.1 million users were online.

As time is moving forward, the number of users is expanding, as well as the number of ways we as users can access sites. Even in schools, more ways of resources and internet usages are being accessed, broadening our horizon on our knowledge. Today, with a touch of our keyboard, we can find thousands of answers for one question on multiple search engines, and with those resources, there are more social media platforms than we can count to choose from.

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