Q&A: FC Hall of Fame inductees share their stories

By Aurora Robinson

Editor’s Note: This weekend FC graduates Julie Collings, Amy Hutchinson, and Danny Mefford will be inducted into the Floyd Central Hall of Fame. For more coverage of this weekend’s ceremony, check out today’s print Bagpiper.

Julie Collings, school nurse

B: Anything you would like to add about your induction?

J: “I feel extremely honored to receive this award! The education I received at Floyd Central prepared me to be successful in college and in my career.”


Amy Hutchison, opera director

B: Why do you think you were chosen to be inducted?  

A: “My professional work as a theatre and opera director is directly tied to my work at FCHS in the Theatre Department! Glenn Edwards was a great inspiration and mentor to me and so many lucky students at FC. I first took summer theatre classes with Mr. Edwards when I was just 10 years old (back when FC still performed in the school cafeteria). I stayed connected to theatre: writing, directing and performing in all types of skits and plays throughout grade school, middle school and high school. In HS, Mr. Edwards recognized I may be better suited to directing than acting, and gave me a mainstage show, The Mousetrap.  I went on to study directing at the Conservatory for Theatre Arts at Webster University in St. Louis, where I was introduced to opera. Being brought up on the large scale musical extravaganzas at FCHS and playing in the orchestra during junior high school, and loving language study made opera a perfect fit for me!”

Danny Mefford, choreographer

B: What got you started?

D: “I went to one of Bette Weber Flock’s Saturday morning musical theater dance classes because I knew that she was the woman who choreographed all of the musicals. My sister was also in the musicals before she graduated in 1996, before I went into high school. I was always very jealous, I wanted to be in them too. I went to Bette Weber Flock’s Saturday morning dance class and we were learning to tap dance and at the end of it, Bette Weber took me aside and she said ‘You really have a gift, I hope you keep coming back’. That’s how I started dancing and how I got involved in the theater in the first place. I spent all four years of high school just obsessed with it, one of those true die hard theater kids at Floyd Central, and was in a ton of things.”

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