Column: Romeo Langford should go to Indiana

By JD McKay

After having Southern Indiana in the palm of Romeo Langford’s hand for the last three years, all eyes will be on him for one last night on the court that could one day bear his name. Being a Hoosier, I am hoping he goes to Indiana, but the other two schools he is looking at, Vanderbilt and Kansas, both have their upsides.

The Case for Indiana

The reason for Langford to go to Indiana is simple. He would go to IU to stay in state, and possibly become one of the most loved athletes in Indiana.

The reason to not go is almost as simple, 16-15 overall, 1-2 vs rivals, and no postseason.

The Case for Kansas

Kansas is the most consistent team he is looking at. They have not had a losing season since 1983, and have won the regular season conference championship every year since 2004. Plus, Kansas seems to consistently go deep into the NCAA tournament and has a top 5 recruiting class.

The only reason to not go it because it is far from home, and playing that far from where he played high school seems wrong.

The Case for Vandy

Vandy is the best academic school on this list. If Langford wants to stay for four years, Vandy is the best choice. Vandy also has two five-star recruits.

Vandy was worse than Indiana last season, finishing with a record of 12-20. Plus, they have never had a one-and-done player.

Langford’s announcement is scheduled for April 30, at 7 p.m.

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