FC faces tough Jeff team Friday night

By JD McKay

Once again the Highlanders have a tough game against a Southern Indiana rival, and once again, I expect they will win. Both teams come in ranked in the top 20. However, Floyd comes into the game having won two home games in a row, most recently beating Corydon by 41 points. Jeffersonville, on the other hand, was thumped Friday on the road against New Albany, losing by 24 points. The Highlanders three main keys to success will be slowing down senior Bailey Falkenstein, senior Matt Weimer playing offense, and senior Luke Gohmann and junior Cobie Barnes continuing consistency.

Jeff does not have any Romeo Langfords or Sean Easts, but Falkenstein is Jeff’s best player, averaging 20 points a game. I expect Weimer to guard Falkenstein, and Weimer will shut him down. Weimer held Langford to 15 points, so I’d be surprised if he scored more than ten points.

As I said above, Weimer is the Highlanders’ best defensive player, but offensively is another story. To beat Jeff, Weimer will need to be sure to make a small offense impact. If he can make five assists and score five points and add his typical above par defensive play, he should boost his team to a victory.

Finally, Barnes and Gohmann have been by far the consistent players on the team. On Dec. 15 against Providence, Gohmann and Barnes scored 42 of Floyd’s 53, and on Dec 8, against New Albany, scored 31 of FC’s 49. These guys are the most exciting players on the team (other than senior Braxton Cerqueira, who has two points this season), and can get the student section into the game unlike any other players. Gohmann had a huge put back dunk against New Albany, and they combined for one of the most exciting plays this season against Providence.

Bottom Line- Floyd seems to have the more talented players and has shown how well they play together as a team. Jeff has had an easy schedule and that was apparent Friday against New Albany. The combination of Barnes and Gohmann, plus FC’s deep bench, will be too much for Jeff. Score- Floyd over Jeff 73-64

Expected Starting Five

Floyd Central Jeffersonville
Matt Weimer Jaylen Fairman
Gabe Shireman Jacob Jones
Luke Gohmann Bailey Falkenstein
Cobie Barnes Tre Coleman
Brendon Hobson Jaden Coleman

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