Vicki Hays continues explaining her love for her job


Birthday: July 30, 1952

“Turned the big six five this year!”

Places she’s lived: New Albany, IN

Georgetown, IN

Tucson, AZ

Indianapolis, IN

She moved to Tucson when she was four to cure her severe asthma.

Role models: Sharon Barreras

“She is a devout Christian and absolutely one of the best people I’ve ever met in my life. She’s just a good person.”

Tom Weatherston

“He was my director and he’s just such a gentle spirit. And he’s just so devoted to the theatre and he instilled that, I think, in all of us that had him as a director. He’s a very kind man, he’s very sweet. He still comes to all of the shows that he can.”

Favorite holidays: Christmas


“It’s all the magic for the little ones.”

Favorite types of food: Italian



“I love to eat, as you can tell.”

Favorite book: The Bible
Favorite movies: Singin’ in the Rain

An American in Paris

Favorite show she’s worked on: Mary Poppins

“It was so perfect. It was just perfect. And it was a challenge for us to get it all done.”

Favorite show overall: Children of Eden

“It is a fabulous show and the music’s just beautiful.”

Life motto: “Try to be nice to everybody.”

“You never know what’s going to come back around to you, so you need to be good to everybody. Pretty much the Golden Rule- and we’re all in this together.”

The movie of her life would be called: “She Lived it to the Fullest.”

“I do. That’s why I love to travel and do all the things I do, because life’s too short. You’ve just got to do it. You can’t wait, because you never know.”

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