Scrapbook project allows seniors to reflect

By Madi Brown

The lockers are emptied, the finals are closing and the scrap booking is over. For the past few years, many English teachers have required that the seniors in their classes make a scrapbook.

“It’s a great activity at the end of the year, for seniors to get to reflect back on high school,” said English teacher Wallace Austin.

Many teachers require scrapbooks as a way to get seniors to slow down their busy schedules.

“Seniors so rarely get a chance to get to look back because they’re always looking toward the future,” said English teacher Ashley Faith.

There are, however, some teachers that prefer not to do the scrapbooks at all.

“I believe there is some reflection to it,  but I think you can do it in a less time consuming way,” said English teacher Tim Romig.

Another problem people tend to have with senior scrapbooks in the cost, but teachers have offered simple tips to help kids not spend too much on their scrapbooks.

“I always encourage people to purchase materials together,” said Faith.

For most of the teachers, the point behind the scrapbooks go hand-in-hand with English skills.

“We talk about narrative writing in English and I think a scrapbook is a visual narrative of the student’s life,” said English teacher Tiffany Stansbury.

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