Class president elections conclude with new leaders

By Aurora Robinson and Matthew Titus

The hallway walls are plastered with leftover students’ posters, their slogans ranging from parodies of presidential campaigns to television references. The quick student election is over.

The victors, selected from a pool of nearly 50 candidates, are as follows: freshman Naiah Mensah for sophomore class president, sophomore Cam Sturgeon for junior class president, and junior Jacob Rosenbaum for senior class president.

The roles of the class presidents and their fellow representatives are fairly simple.

“Our class presidents are in charge of accountability,” said junior sponsor and English teacher Tim Romig. “They take things into their own hands and get done what needs to get done. A class president is a positive role model for everybody else.”

Beyond leading by good example, class representatives are in charge of many school events.

“One of the junior executive’s jobs is putting on Turkey Bowl, which is a fundraiser for prom,” said Romig. “After that, throwing prom is the junior executive’s job. He assigns roles to people, and makes sure they’re all doing their jobs.”

In addition to the dances and the Turkey Bowl, the representatives run a number of other fundraisers.

“They sell T-shirts,” said sophomore sponsor and science teacher Amy Shaffer. “Those are really fun. They’ve had ideas for different service projects but a lot of those end up getting emigrated into dance marathon activities or student council activities.”

The senior executive in particular will be involved in decisions on the funds they have raised.

“A lot of what they do is after graduations,” said principal Rob Willman. “They organize reunions, represent the school at events. The senior executive will meet with me almost monthly, to discuss the budget and what they will do with their money they raise.”

For the junior representatives, their job ends with the school year. For the senior president, though, their duties will extend for decades after graduation.

“We’ll plan reunions, and I will be making the speech at our graduation,” said senior class president Jacob Rosenbaum. “Anywhere we need an FC representative, I will be there.”

Reunions and fundraisers aside, the purpose of the class presidents and their fellow representatives boil down to one simple purpose: help the school.

“Ever since freshman year I decided I wanted to run for senior class president. I just really love getting into school politics and helping out my school,” said Rosenbaum.

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