Community comes together to repair softball field from late April flooding

By Mitchell Lockhart and Sean Henry

On Friday, April 28, a severe thunderstorm tore through the southern Indiana area. It left many without power, flooded roads, and knocked down trees and power-lines with ease.

But this was not all the damage done. As the storm went on, the FC softball field was flooded, causing tremendous damage and making the field unplayable.

It left many softball players in shock.

“There are really no words to describe the shape that the field was in. It was totally destroyed. The fence was torn down, batting cages were gone, the dirt from the infield had completely moved into right field and there were big holes filled with water in the infield. It was terrible,” said senior Taylor Castleberry.

Luckily, the team received extreme support from the community, this includes the baseball team, other FC students, parents, teachers, other community members and even other softball teams.

“The support for the softball team is just pouring in from the area. We had 20 or 25 people helping restore the field last weekend. We had softball players, baseball players, news media all helping. Then Sunday rolled around and we had softball players from New Albany, Silver Creek, and Jeffersonville come out and help with the clean up. It was great to see rivals from other teams come out to help each other,” said athletic director Jeff Cerqueira.

No time was wasted during the restoration process. Everybody was working hard to prepare the field.

“To repair the field we removed the debris, got dirt out of the grass, and tried to do other things in order to clean up and repair the field as much as possible. It was a lot of hard work,” said senior Jensen Streigel.

While the field being repaired, IUS offered up their softball field to function as home field for the team.

“IUS has always been good helping the softball team in times of need. This is the second time they’ve done this. Partly because a lot of our kids go to IUS. It also helps that our previous softball coach is now the coach of IUS. So they’re always willing to help,” said Cerqueira.

However, the softball team doesn’t plan to use IUS’s field the rest of the season. With a lot of hard work, the team is expecting the field to be ready by sectionals.

*Additional reporting by Sydney LaDuke and Sam Weiser

*Photo by Miranda Legg

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