New Albany-Floyd County Secondary Art Show showcases student creativity

By Mia Boutelle

Photos by Shelby Pennington

The silky smooth sound of the New Albany High School string trio plays softly in the main room of Carnegie Center. Student artwork decorate the walls and the ground surrounding the room.

The New Albany-Floyd County Secondary Art Show took place from April 15 to April 29, with the awards being given on the April 27. Student art from both FC and New Albany were shown, as well as Highland Hills Middle School, Scribner Middle School, and Hazelwood Middle School. FC had a total of 36 placements, including merits.

FC Winners based on grade

Ninth grade:

Alayna Gauntt – Painting

Kathryn Yankey – Design

Emma Koopman- Sculpture

Presley Schroeder- Printmaking

Noah Lukinovich- Drawing

Sydney Moeller- Drawing

Molly Sorrels- Drawing

Sydney Moeller- Drawing

Fiona Grannan- Painting


Tenth Grade:

Riley Woodruff- Drawing

Taylor Hannon- Drawing

Jonah Maschowsky- Painting

Caitlyn Daggy- Painting

Eden Harmon- Sculpture

Hannah Farber- Printmaking

Rachel Gainous- Printmaking


Eleventh Grade:

Rose Korte- Sculpture

Hadley Enlow- Sculpture

Savannah Bartel- Sculpture

Olivia Didat- Sculpture

Shelby Pennington- Printmaking

Mackenzie McClanahan- Printmaking

Shelby Woods- Functional Ceramics

Claire Wheeler- Functional Ceramics

Mia Boutelle- Digital Imagery

Rose Korte- Sculpture


Twelfth Grade:

Halee Tanner- Drawing

Erin Blackwell- Painting

Isabella Castille- Mixed Media

Constance McQueen- Mixed Media

Jolie Anderson- Functional Ceramics

Nikolas Vellinger- Functional Ceramics

Anna Rogers- Digital Imagery

Emily Parker- Drawing

Jolie Anderson- Ceramics

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