Stick your claws into this, Logan movie review

By Eleni Pappas

Finally, the Wolverine solo movie we deserve. Coming back for the last time (or so he says) as the gruff mutant with adamantium claws and a sordid past, Hugh Jackman stars in this potentially wall shattering film directed by James Mangold. The movie follows Logan (Wolverine) now aged and weary, hiding out on the Mexican border caring for an ill Professor X. Logan’s plan to hide from the rest of humanity and past legacy are suddenly overturned when he meets a young girl, a mutant, on the run and with a lot more in common with Logan than meets the eye.

Mangold, who has worked with Jackman before in The Wolverine and Kate & Leopold, directs his best yet working with the famous actor. As this is last time Jackman is to play the adamantium laced mutant, people expected a great exit for the legendary character, and that’s what we got. Filled with action, dry humor, and the unexpected sensitive moments that truly make Logan it’s own movie outside the typical Hollywood superhero genre.

The action in this movie is spectacular, although very gory, which partly earned it its R rating. Each sequence very raw and real, and sometimes hard to watch. It was even more hardcore as were used to with Wolverine, especially considering how much farther they were willing to go and the fact that here Logan was more aged and vulnerable. Every strike was fast, rough, and impressive. It was like you were there watching it happen.

The humor and emotion in the film was very palpable as well. Since it has the R rating, Patrick Stewart, also said to be coming back for last time as Professor X, and Jackman are not afraid to get colorful with the language. Yep, as in the earlier X-Men movies we are no longer cut off as a character is about to say sh- well, you know. It’s quite hilarious seeing Stewart as the Professor cursing while sassing and ordering Logan around. The Professor’s “episodes” and refusal to take pills are cause for some laughs too in the movie, but I wouldn’t want to spoil anything.

As for the emotional aspects, there are plenty, and they’re heavy. At the beginning of the film when Logan meets this young girl, code named X-23 by her experimenters, he is conflicted about helping her and slipping back into the hero role. He is also uneasy about her origins and what it could mean for them both. Eventually, though, he seems to care for her and wants to fight for her survival. Also, through there is mention of what’s happened with Professor X and the rest of the X-Men, which may cause emotional turmoil for fans of the characters. Speaking of emotional turmoil, don’t get me started on the ending.

Actually, I have to talk about the end. No spoilers, I promise. It was so enormously jaw dropping, had I kept my mouth open any longer I’d have caught bugs. I felt the shock of the rest of the audience, and I know not everyone was dry-eyed. Some, including me, were in complete denial, and I even kept repeating “no” to myself as if it’d change anything. I was on the edge of my seat waiting till the very end. Waiting for you’ll-know-what once you see the movie.

Finally, as much of a gory, humorous, and emotional rollercoaster this film was, it was completely worth seeing. As much as I’d love to deny it and demand a redo for personal reasons, it was the perfect close for the Wolverine/Logan storyline. This movie will be his legacy, and I could not be anymore satisfied.

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