Kilt Krew prepares for sectional tournament tonight

By LaVonne Happel

Under new leadership this year, FC’s student section, the Kilt Krew, has driven school spirit to what some believe is an all time high. Uniting the entire school and encouraging students to come out has been a large part of this year’s boys’ basketball season.  

Junior Ryan Shean is one of these leaders, and although he may not be a senior quite yet, he still does his job to prepare the school for each game.

“I lead some of the underclassmen and try to get them pumped just as much as we are because it’s important to include everyone and we want everyone to be loud and to support the team,” said Shean.

As mentioned before, the Kilt Krew’s goal is to bring everyone together and not leave out anyone involved with the FC community.

“I like it because it’s not just about one person we include everyone so it’s a team effort parents and students,” he said. 

None of this would be possible, though, without planning for each and every game. This means road and home games.

“We have meetings once a week planning events that we do. We have themes that we pick from a list at the start of the year and we go through about 100 of them and we narrow it down to a few or however many games we have.”

Tonight, the Kilt Krew travels on the road along with the boys’ basketball team as they go to Seymour to face the Owls in the semi-finals of the sectional tournament. 

“Our plans for sectionals was of course free shirts as a special surprise for the fans just to thank not only the students but the parents and other fans for all their hard work all season long.  Although tomorrow the tempo in the gym will be very loud and very busy, it’s because our goal is to never be silent in the postseason. We are focused on being loud every second of the game,” said Shean. 

Senior Chandler Stumler, who can always be seen in the front of the student section, agreed with Shean saying the goal is to constantly stay loud. 

“The main plan is to get everyone involved. Parents, FC alumni and current students. We figure we can get loud as a whole student section and we also have a sponsor to give out 500 free t-shirts,” said Stumler. 

All of this preparation and hype for each game is showing success on the court too as the team posted a 14 game win-streak and a 18-4 record during the regular season. With this, comes the memories of the season.

“The best moment this year was the win against Evansville Harrison when we came back and every student was just enthusiastic because we won. But I won’t forget Jasper or Providence because we had the green zone packed to the brim and every student was loud. Everyone involved and participating just makes the atmosphere different,” said Shean. 

Stumler also had a similar experience, saying that the success of the student section and the team signified that FC basketball was back.

“There is a lot of memorable moments this year with all of the game winners. I’m going to say the Castle game winner is the most memorable,” he said. “It officially marked the date that FC basketball is for real back.”

All fans are reminded that the first 500 supporters to tonight’s game at Seymour will receive a neon Kilt Krew t-shirt. The game is against Seymour and begins at 6 p.m. The winner of tonight’s game faces the winner of New Albany-Bedford North Lawrence, that game tips off at 7:30 p.m. tonight. 

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