AGES Club works to promote kindness

By Charlie Ebeck

Kindness is a necessity. We need it especially in our high school years when we are usually being weighed down by countless amounts of tests and homework assignments. However, there is a group at FC that works to relieve stress and promote kindness.

AGES is a group at FC that makes it their main goal to spread kindness and positivity throughout the school. Health teacher Juli Hutson started the group with a few of her students over Christmas break.

“I was sitting in my living room over Christmas break and I was thinking about how I like to do nice things for people,” said Hutson.

Once the group had their first meeting and everyone got to see what is was all about, a lot of people started joining for all sorts of reasons. Some people joined to make a difference around FC, some joined to have a fun place to hang out after school and some just joined to get connected with people and make friends.

Freshman Talia Trotter is one student that joined for just that.

“I wanted to make friends and I heard about it on the announcements,” said Trotter. “I also wanted to be nice and help people.”

Trotter is not the only student that wanted to help. The club meets twice a month, and has a meeting in Huston’s classroom to discuss what they will be doing that month to spread kindness around the school.

“We plan and come up with ideas on ways to help out and make the school happier,” said sophomore Caitlynn Saltzgaber.

AGES has done countless cheerful things around FC, like hanging compliments around the school for students to see and making a board outside of the cafeteria where people could write down what they were thankful for.

“The goal is to spread positivity and remind people that there are good people in the world,” said Saltzgaber.

Despite all of the differences they have made to this school, they are still a very small group that is in need of more members to make a larger impact on our school. There is no sign up, you just show up and the group makes you feel like you have always been there.

“Anybody is welcome; bring contributions and just see what we’re doing,” said Hutson.

AGES members say the impact of showing kindness towards others is worth it. 

“An impact, for me is one smile, making anyone even a little happier is an impact to me,” said Saltzgaber.  

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