Advanced art classes help students pursue interests

By Mia Boutelle

The faint noises of the clicking of keys and brushes on a canvas reverberate through art teacher Kerry Jones’s fourth-period class. The three separate rooms seem almost stagnant, as only six people reside in them.

AP art, advanced 2D-3D, and digital design are the three classes that take up this period. Various different styles of art are explored in these classes, allowing students to express themselves in new visual ways.

“I’ve been trying to develop my cartoony style,” said senior Anna Rogers as she worked on her cartoon-esque digital piece. “I actually started on realism, I tried to use graphite but started doing cartoons to stretch my limits.”

Since her exploration in digital, Rogers has decided she wants to become an animator. She takes digital design, which is a class that focuses more on photoshop and other paint programs to create art and animate. The tool used to draw on the computer is called a tablet, and comes with a pen to use with it.

“This class is a little out of my comfort zone. I have to use programs I don’t usually get to, but it allows me to do more with my art,” said Rogers

Meanwhile, senior Halee Tanner works in the next room on a painting.

“I feel like this class has really helped me when it comes to exploring new mediums with my artwork, along with getting together my portfolio,” said Tanner.

Jones, who started teaching the classes this year, suggests students take them if interested.

“After introduction to 2D and 3D art, students can choose an advanced class like these,” said Jones, as she worked on her own piece. “These classes provide more intense instructions in the medium they choose.”

Students are able to focus on their desired medium, whether it be 3D art such as ceramics, 2D traditional art, or digital art. However some classes focus more on exploring all three, like advanced 2D-3D.

Junior Rose Korte, who takes advanced 2D-3D often switches the pieces she works on. Her current piece is a stuffed bear made up of jeans.

“I’ve always enjoyed teddy bears, but I wanted a more realistic look on them,” said Korte.

Jones spent a lot of time in her life working on art and pursuing her career in the arts.

“I loved art at an early age, and with the encouragement of my mother, my passion for art began.” said Jones. “I took all the art classes I could, and in college, I pursued art and interior design. Later after I graduated, I went back for my k-12 visual art certification.”

Jones is pleased she is able to teach this class, and hopes to continue helping students explore their own art careers.

“I love art and I couldn’t see myself teaching any other subject,” she said. “My desire to inspire young artists is genuine. The world would be dull without the expression through arts.”

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