POPappella excites audiences with popular music

By Allie Lincoln

The sound reverberates off the auditorium walls, filling the entire theatre with music. A choir stands in a close formation on stage, but instead of classical music behind their vocals a steady beat is heard made by one of the choir members themselves. Audience members smile as familiar radio tunes echo throughout the room. The FC choir and handbells groups brought something completely different to their concert Feb. 17 at POPappella.

POPappella is an anticipated concert every year, especially for members of the choral and handbells departments, though, last year, the concert was canceled. That meant that this year the event would return full force and better than ever. The concert definitely lived up to those expectations.

The first half of the evening consisted of a handbells concert both the Highlander Bells and Bronze Ringers. They played multiple pop songs like “Rolling in the Deep” and “Just Dance,” along with a special surprise during “Thriller.” Some of the A Capella choir students danced through the aisles as zombies, surprising audience members with the famous Thriller music video dance.

I had never really heard the handbells groups play before, so it was exciting to hear familiar songs arranged in a way I’d never heard before. There was a nice mix of genres, allowing for changes of pace, which helped keep each song selection interesting.

After the handbells portion, four different choir groups had their chance to perform. The 2nd half began with a song done completely a capella with a smaller choral group called the Accidentals. The Accidentals sang in perfect unison, conducting themselves throughout their songs “Shut Up and Dance,” “Jar of Hearts,” and “Blue Skies.” This very advanced group focused as a group on the sound of each other, and no one person stood out among the rest because of their voices as an ensemble.

Both the Women’s Choir and the Men’s Choirs continued the familiar essence of the concert with music like “What a Wonderful World” and “Sweet Caroline.” Both groups brought many parents and grandparents back to childhood tunes, creating a very comfortable and creative atmosphere.

Lastly, the A Cappella choir came back to sing, rather than dance this time. Their song list consisted of two slower and more beautiful pieces, “Pure Imagination” and “Gravedigger.” These songs left the audience breathless and in awe. The A Cappella choir sings together in an ensemble in a way that touches hearts, making their music mean something to the audiences watching them perform. This group of sophomores through seniors really did embody the family aspect of any group here at FC, but they took it further as they exhibited their own relationships through their music.

A Cappella ended the concert with “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” countering their two slower songs with an upbeat finish. It was the perfect finale for a very special concert filled with familiar music, heartfelt lyrics, and a family atmosphere shown through the music filling the ears of audience members throughout the auditorium.    

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