Students take part in Polar Plunge last weekend

By Emma Anderson

Submerging yourself under freezing cold water at the crack of dawn does not seem like the best way to start your Saturday morning, but that is exactly what a group of FC students and many more did last weekend.

On Feb. 18 at Deam lake approximately 300 people jumped into 48 degree water all for the sole purpose to raise money for the Special Olympics.

“The Polar Plunge is for a great cause. It helps raise money for the Special Olympics, offering those with disabilities an opportunity to participate in a sport or be able to experience the sports event environment,” said senior Alyvia Chestnut.

Though it was Chestnut’s first year of plunging with the FC group, Andrew’s Hotties, the team itself has been plunging since 2012.

“I do this because I love working with the special ed kids at school and this is just another great way to give back,” said junior Garrett Moon, who plunged the prior year.

Many members of Andrew’s Hotties group work within the special education classed at FC during the school day.

“When I work with the special ed kids I like to see the smiles that I can put on their faces. I also like that they have friends that are the same age as them and that they feel comfortable with us,” said senior Kaitlin Washko.

Senior Chas Adams says he feels the same as Washko.

“I just enjoy being around them. Seeing them smile and be happy it brings me great joy.”

Chestnut was one of the few participants that does not work in the special ed classes, but said that she still did it because it supports a great cause.

“I truly believe that not only is this a great cause, but this is also one of the best ways for people to raise money for it. If I can get people to donate money just to see me jump into a freezing cold lake then that’s exactly what I’ll do.”

All the money raised goes directly to the Special Olympics supporting local training and competition with not only the athletes but the volunteer coaches as well as family support.

“Though this is my first year the best part was just seeing how much money we raised and getting to jump in as a group,” said Washko.

At the end of Saturday morning with over 300 participants, District 2 had raised over $70,000 for the Special Olympics.

“My absolute favorite part was seeing how many people took time out of their Saturday for such a great cause,” said Adams.

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