Louisville Orchestra conductor Teddy Abrams speaks to AP Music Theory class

By Robert Wormley

On Monday morning, Louisville Orchestra conductor Teddy Abrams came to speak to Angela Hampton’s AP Music Theory students about the importance of art and music.

“Art is the most important language that human beings have developed. It is what brings us together. It is what gives us the inspiration to connect with each other in a way that nothing else can,” said Abrams.

After attending a concert, Abrams aspired to be a conductor from the young age of nine.

“I’ve wanted to be a conductor since I was a little kid. Nine years old I saw a concert and knew there that I wanted to be a conductor. Been very fortunate to be able to do that. “

As the Louisville Orchestra conductor Abrams describes his job as spreading music throughout the community to create relationships that would not have happened without the help of music.

“My job is to get out in the community and play music for people where ever they are and create all sorts of really beautiful relationships with music that may not have ever been thought of before,” said Abrams.

Abrams explained that a good way to boost creativity and find inspiration is to spend time using your brain and confronting the issues that are not pleasant.

“You just have to spend time using your brain, thinking. Most people spend their time distracting themselves from thinking. The more time you can get away from distraction and really consider the world as it is and take on–the big picture questions we like to avoid because they are not fun and pleasant to think about. I think that is where you’re going to find inspiration,” said Abrams.

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